how do you guys back up your files?


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I know gomule automatically backs up your stashes but last time i had computer issues i couldnt get them to work no matter what i tried. So im curious how do you guys do it?

My other question is if any of you play on linux in a virtual machine running windows? Im just getting tired of microsofts crap. Im considering switching over if i have a good way to back up my chars and stashes.


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I have an external hard drive. Perfect. I also occasionally zip and email it to myself.


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I don't use gomule but I'd assume you could just copy the files to a flash drive them copy them back, no?

Ohhh Microsoft... Gotta love them. You don't need a virtual machine, get WINE instead. It's an API translator to let you run native window apps. Diablo 2 is a platinum (perfectly running) game. I use Linux and windows 7 on my laptop, it runs fine under either system.


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ya just copy and paste a backup folder for your gomule stashes and your save file if you want more than the automatic backup


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Thanks for the help guys im all backed up now.

i was under the impression it didnt work very well on wine. Thats good news. I think im going to wait until this install of windows starts to slow down before i switch over.


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I have D2 running on Ubuntu with Playonlinux / Wine. No problems, but it isn't my main machine.

For backups, zip them up and e-mail them to yourself.