How Do you get Enigma!!


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Buy it on EBay
Buy it on item sites
(both methods involve real money, and there is always the question whether you'll actually get something for you money)

Run a bot to assemble wealth and trade for it
Run hellforge to collect a pile of runes and trade for it

All of the above: after you get it, hope it doesn't poof.


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I would just do ladder games doing hell forge and nightmare forge. Or you could get your self some sojs and trade those for the runes to make one your self. I would also just look for armors no sence in tradeing for armor.


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xpumafangx said:
I would also just look for armors no sence in tradeing for armor.
I guess it depends what you are looking for... those 3 socket 15% superior archon plates don't drop around every corner... at least I don't seem to find one (looking for 2 socket one to Smoke, but... I guess any 2 socket light elite will have to do for now)

Lich It

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Hell Forges are a great way to build rune wealth, and try to try out new and interesting build or just tweak builds similar to what u run now. Along the way save all your your pgems and cube nm flayer jungle gc's. A few good skillers and u will have some nice wealth, many are worth mal runes or better. In my experience its very slow to cube hell baal gc's and get a good skiller + life gc, although they can bring the best price in trades some even worth 2 enigmas alone. Save that for later when u have built your initial wealth.

BTW if u have a good enough character u can run hell cows for lots of gems and nice socketables too, which are also trade for good value.


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I find the best way is either doing hell forge's or if you have some currency see if you can double your profit, i bought a eth griff for 2 ists, than turned around and sold it for 3istsmal, as long as you make a profit just keep trading there is always a market.


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Well this ladder season i started mf with a poorman's bone/summon (skullders, etc) and one fine day a gold diadem dropped from my best pal pindle and i converted the sale to a b.p nigma and remade him for nicer life hehe. My next step is to upgrade to a 15ed Mage nigma for the disco red pants look hehe. B.p looks as if necro has a beer belly lol. It was awfully boring doing countless pindle runs though :p Have not found e-Death Cleaver yet though :(


I just got back into D2 this January and I pretty much was stuck with an account full of naked .09 chars and a couple naked .10 chars.

Me and a friend started back up, we made new chars and co-op'ed the game in all difficulties, then MF'ed like hell.

Cube a magic GC with 3 pgems and hope for a skiller, do Cow and pit runs for eth elite weapons and trade 'em, cube runes (if ladder), or just make a Blizzard sorc and MF meph to your hearts' content.

Long story short, it takes quite an effort to get the Enigma, but once you do, make a Hammerdin and start raking in the items. I now stand before you with 3 fully-equipped chars with great gear in these last few months :p

smart trades and sleepless nights of mfing (lol or bot)(not recomending :))

i still remember my first enigma (in NL.... lucky it was wit someone in the forum)
it wasn't really godly it was juss a simple great hauberk enigma wit around 600 defense i think

if u r going to trade wit anyone trade wit someone here, almost all of them are trustworthy




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Make yourself a Poison/Skellimancer, go cow hunting/Pit running and pray for Sacred Targes, Berserker Axes, Dusk Shrouds, Collossus Blades, and Archon Plates with good stats. Hell Forge runs is probably the quickest way but I enjoy looking for cool stuff rather than having a Dol rune drop at the moment of anticipation after spending a couple hours rushing to HF.


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Necrochild313's easy guide to the quick enigma:

1. Turn the game music up real loud.

2. Close your eyes, and double click until you hear the game music stop (thus you've closed the program or entered a random game)

3. Type "Free Plz" repeatedly, over and over again, until everyone leaves the game or squelches you.

4. Repeat.


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Basically, you have to get lucky. This happens eventually when you've played the game for a long time. Reroll charms. Search for awesome socketables. Monarchs have been surprisingly easy to find for me in Hell cows and those are worth a Pul each if socketed to four or plain and you take them to Larzuk. I probably have enough right now to get Enigma if I liquidated all of it but I don't want to lose all that stuff just yet. I'm hoping to pull together enough runage and socketables to finally to get the HR runewords that I want.

Get yourself a copy of the ATMA muling app. It has a handy drop calculator that will be useful for figuring where stuff has the highest likelihood of dropping.

I'd also recommend building characters that can take different approaches to getting high end items not because one approach is necessarily better than another but because doing the same damn thing over and over again gets really dull. For instance, I'm working on a Gold Find Barb right now so I can start running Trav for craploads of money for gambling. If you gamble the right magic circlet like a +3 caster tab (bone, lightning, fire, ice) with 20% FCR and it sockets to 1, it's worth around an Ist on USWest. Socketed to 2 it's worth a whole bunch of Ists.

Right now I have a poison/skellimancer that runs Pits, Pindle, and Cows like a dream. I've got a meteorb that's great for rushing characters through normal and Nightmare for Hell Forges and then I use her intermittently with the poiskellomancer to take on the Hell Forge. Hell Forge can be an excersise in Frustration though. Going five runs in a row and Getting Hel or less from the HF is pretty annoying even though you understand rationally that these things happen in games of chance and it wouldn't be random if results were nice and evenly spread out.

When I get an Enigma, I'll probably finish building a Hammerdin for handling Baal Runs with the eventual goal of picking up enough awesome gear to get Pride and Faith so I can ditch the boring one-trick pony Cookiedin and make teleporting triple aura skellimancer that can hopefully handle just about anything.


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Its not hard. It just takes a decent investment in time if you are poor too begin with. Mf with a blizz sorc and kill meph, all his posse and open chests and whatnot. He WILL drop something worth a high rune and more every now and then and once you have 2 high runes worth of items then there you go. And yes you need to cube your runes upwards but not neccesarily higher than pul. Upp'd gores and Hoz etc go for alot.


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I consider myself wealthy- around 6-7 high runeword items. I didn't get this way overnight. I really never MF . I never even played a sorc until after I was rich. All my wealth came from making new characters that are mediorce, getting them to about level 70ish and saving up their hellforge runes. I tried pit running with a zero % magic find Poison Nova necro and found good socketables to trade also. Even now that I have good stuff, I make new characters to get more runes. It's a good way to learn how to play different character builds.


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or just save items up for crafters and trade to them, thats how I got most of my runes... btw ty Sh4dovv


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Or just get a friend and make a rush sorc between you....that way you dont have to wait till 70? Hellforge...yielded me 3 ists when I was poor nl =).