how do you do meph with summoner?


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how do you do meph with summoner?

I am building a summoner to mf and was told that a good route would be
a1 build army
countess- runes
pit - elites
council- runes
meph - good drops
shenk/eldrich - quick run
pindle - also quick

What is the best summoner build (stats and skills) for this run
I known i am maxing RS and SM and 1 in all curses. What else? Also how do people kill meph? I figured he would rip the skellys apart?

Well thanks ahead of time for anyone who responds.
max skele mastery and skeleton, 1 pt in rest of summon tree, then do bone spirit and synergies and curses, works really well for my necro.


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Max your RS and SM then a point in clay golem and through curses to decrep. When you get to Meph have your army ready, including clay golem. Cast decrep and let your skellies tear him apart. Recast clay golem and decrep as needed. That's it.


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do pindle first and use the corpses outside of hte temple to create your army

beyond that, it's walk isntead of run so your army can stay with you, and make sure you clear monsters in you path just because you don't want to be running into them when you should need to retreat


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