How do I reduce Ping?


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How do I reduce Ping?

I play on US-West, and I live in Vancouver, BC.

Most of my friends have <100 ping, I, however, have an upwards of 300.

I use Telus-Highspeed and when I download I go as fast as 500+ kb/s.



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Re: How do I reduce Ping?

welcome to the forums :smiley:

for the very first: your download speed has no influence to your ping. only the connection technology has influence: for isdn it is normal to have about 80-100ping, for adsl - about 60-80, for t1/t2 - about 10-20.

the main rules:
1) exit all programs/downloaders that eats your connection bandwith: torrents/skype and such.
2) play in servers that are near your location/country.
3) there u will find nice trick to lower your ping:
it worked for me as well: i lowered ping from 60-80 to 20-30.

good luck,