How do I play pre-1.07 with post 1.07 Battle Chest CD Key?


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It is quite hard to find those big box classic diablo 2 these days, especially unopened ones (do they exist?)
Is it possible to run pre 1.07 classic install using post 1.07 Battle Chest CD?

I miss the old times when I played the broken characters, like:

- WW Barbarian with Iceblink, Lance/Bec, dual leech
- Massive frozen orb and static field spam (no casting delay) with max warmth sorceress
- Bowazon spamming multi clearing everything on screen and beyond, with dual leech
- Hammerdin that will almost insta kill anything that is standing above it
- Indestructable blood golem + iron maiden, and once one a mob die, everything few-screen-wide dies with CE

I don't mind only having to play single player or LAN game.
Please help!


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Any luck on this? I'm trying to figure out how to play v 1.05 but only have the downloaded version from bnet.