How do i make a really good javazon?


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How do i make a really good javazon?

any suggestions on how to make a really good javazon?

basically i just need help on what equipment to choose and what skills to add to. I have never ever made a zon before lol. like do i add to passive skills or what? and what is the main skill i will be using?

this char will be mainly for chaosing, and baals, and some pvp

this is what i was thinking for equipment

Eth Titans
Fort or COH not sure
Treks or Gores not sure
2x bk
amazon gloves 3 jav/spear 20% ias
lightning facet monarch or spirit


thanks for the help :)


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Re: How do i make a really good javazon?

I think the guides would be a very good place to start - it's a cliché though often true. Anyway, you do not want to use fort though the rest seems good enough. Skill will be one in everything - passives - and then lightning synergies where you most have 20 points in lightning fury and charged strike.

P.S. always post before vote in a poll, not the other way around.

the guides are here. Remember to take the pvp guide. A pvp lightning amazon can be almost as effective as a pure pvm lightning amazon, the other way around you will end up with a character that isn't as good as the pure pvp amazon. It's not that bad to kill baal in 10 more second, if every duel takes 10 more second...


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Re: How do i make a really good javazon?

which guide would u suggest?

and did you mean 1 point in every passive skill? that looks like a great guide

thanks for the link

however im still unsure on which ammy to use. Cats eye or highlords

and to clarify, i max javelin and spear, charged strike, lightning fury, and lightning bolt. then i put one point into dodge, avoid, evade, critical strike and one point into pierce/slow missile ?

and then whatever is left over i put into what?
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Re: How do i make a really good javazon?

generally, people put one point in decoy and some in valk aswell. Auto aim skills might seeks these, certainly if you opponent is bad at namelocking and when they try to stump you with summons, valk and decoy might help aswell. So yes, one points in all passives and magic skill - if you're really set on more points in lightning skill, pierce, penetrate, critical, decoy and valk aren't the most important.
So yes, one points in all passive skills is good, certainly if you are pvm somewhat.

All other points go in synergies for lighting fury and lightning strike. Those two are the most important and after that, lightning strike is the most useful, though it doesn't really matter that much.

P.S. as amulet, I'd go for some rare or craft with +2 skills, resistance, life, frw, block, stats...