How do I know when DClone is around?


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How do I know when DClone is around?

I've seen alot of people talking about how Dclone appears and if you kill him you get an anni charm and blah blah blah...

My question is how do I know if he is in a game? I've seen that message on the screen a billion times with xxxx sojs sold to merchants, what do I do then? Just wait in the game until it says Diablo walks the earth or something?

Then how do I find him? Also I've been hearing that he can kick alot of ***, would a lvl ** skelliemancer be able to handle the dclone all by himself?

Any help on this subject would be appreciated.


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Basically you just wait in a game that has XXX sojs sold.
If the messages start coming fast, it means that Diablo walking the earth is close.
And he isn't that hard, if you have a good might merc, amp dmg, and high lvl skeles you should be able to take him.


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Ok thanks for the info guys, anyone know a way to keep youself logged on when your away wating for dclone to show up?

Also Dclone spawns at the nearest superunique to you correct?


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When he appears, the screen will shake and a gold message will appear that says "Diablo Walks The Earth" - even if you go into a game where he has already been spawned or killed, you will still get the message.

If you want an anni charm, I recommend you NOT look for him in a public game. On the other hand, if you want to see how you fair against him, give it a try. You might get lucky and be the person who grabs the charm first - but it will go fast!

Yes, he replaces the first Super Unique you run into. When I meet him, I like to go to the Stony Field and have him appear where Rakanishu is. I like the extra room to run around (and run away... lol). Some people prefer to have him replace Eldritch. But if you trigger a Super Unique before he appears, he will NOT replace him. So don't try clearing an area before his arrival - you can trigger a Name without even realizing you did it.

I can't help you with advice on the Skellimancer though - I always fight him with a Zon. He does have a lot of life and regens though. I have seen a hammerdin swat him down in less than 5 seconds though :drool:


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the robot flops its arms about and shouts:

"danger! bop danger!"

[actually diablo content includes screen shaking, darkness falling and message "diablo walks the earth" appearing in same lettering and location as soj counter, you then determine his location by running hell bent to the "super unique" critter of your pleasure. A summon necro might have a difficult time against him, but the battle should be fun.]

you use to able to get stuck running in several places:
1 - the outer cloister, take the wp and run towards southern door if you hit the corner right you get stuck in running animation. leave keyboard alone.
2 - Harrogath, running down the tiered stairs above treasure chest, from second(middle) tier click on chest and if done correctly you'll be stuck in a graphical "V" running toward chest. don't spill on or touch keyboard. please stop spilling on keyboard. look the "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" key is stuck. nice job. thanks. thanks a lot. really. some people.

WARNING(?): these dealies might cause bannage now or just generally not work anymore. dunno. just read that in the seal bug thread. also they are super annoying and don't work particularly well to get you anything, except possibly burn in a mule.