how do i deal with poison immunes?


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how do i deal with poison immunes?

just hit act 5 nightmare with my necromancer, built mainly around the use of poison nova (and the occasional stab via poison dagger). i came up against poison immunes early act 4, my level 5 lower resist took the "immune to poison" tag away, but poison nova barely scratched it (being level 30 at the time, doing 4000-4150~)

i dont have deaths web, or nay poison facets, would this help (im sure they would but they seem...expensive..) is there a poor mans way to eliminate these problems? i dont want to think about poison immunes in hell mode.


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1) Invest in your mercs gear and Decrep/Lifetap the ones your PN doesn't hurt while the merc kills. Slow.

2) Invest in Raise Skeleton and Skeleton mastery along with a Might merc, use Amp/Decrep. Faster than 1, but without big investments, you might have to raise new skeletons more often than you'd like.

3) Get Trang's Gloves, belt and Wing. These are a godsend and pretty much absolute minimum for Hell. The +25% poison damage from the gloves helps nicely with low resist monsters and the -25% enemy poison resist (3 item set bonus) on the Wing helps a lot when you've broken a monsters immunity with LR.

Aim for slvl10 with +skills (gives -55% resist) in Lower Resist, it's a "breakpoint" - any less and those monsters with 110% resist stay immune, any more and you'll just get a bit more damage. Above 110% poison resists can't be broken, so more isn't necessary.


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Depending on your level it could be too late to invest in skellies, I'd say unless you put 20 points into them and SM and have some nice plus skills they won't contribute much in Hell except a temporary distraction. If you're on a low point budget go with revives. Then when you meet a mixture of immune monsters and non immunes use your poison to kill the non immunes and revive them. Revives don't do much damage but they are really tough and help your merc survive and will follow you for a while.

Alternatively use CE to kill poison immunes if they're mixed up with non immunes that you can kill. If there are no monsters you can make corpses of sometimes you can kill some monsters nearby and then retreat from the immunes to draw them over the dead bodies... a bit like a minefield. :lol:

With a good dagger like Fleshripper you can wade in and help your Merc kill the first corpse or two you need for CE. It helps to have very good bone armour and good blocking to do this and having a few other weak minions like skellies and revives helps distract and absorb damage here while you and the Merc do the real damage.

If you have 3 parts of the trangs set use the fireball or firewall spells to kill poison immunes. They can kill normal monsters in Hell and can help with tougher Bosses and Champions if you use Nova since it is on a 2 second timer.

Finally, if all else fails you can just use bone walls or prisons to hold them while you get what you want. Or simply run away or walk around them. There aren't many monsters that you have to kill that are Poison Immune ...I can't think of any at the moment.

There are lots of things you can do to deal with immunes. Good Luck.


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i followed the advice given (too late to get any minions..i dont have a single point in summoning tree) and aquired trang ouls shield. it gives me a level 18 fire ball, which clocks in at an impressive 188-211 damage (INCREDIBLE.) which doesnt even dent monsters in act 5 nightmare. its funny when im dropping non poison immunes with a poison nova or two, but when i come up to a simple wooden door, or barricaded wall deals found in act 5, im powerless :(

i tried to trade for some poison facets yesterday, but my patience wore thin in the public trading channels no one wants anything ever, except for godly gear ill never have) i made a post in the trade forums but it got hardcore ignored, i guess i dont have the stuff required for poison facets? trang ouls belt was very expensive last time i checked..any idea how i could get one without a very large budget? is my necromancer doomed to party play? will the girlscout cookies i ordered six months ago ever arive? only time will tell.


Wow, if you can't afford trang's belt right now give it 3 weeks :). Get P gems and trade P gems for the belt.