How do i Build a Lancer>?


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How do i Build a Lancer>?

hello, i found this awesome lance the other day and i decided i wanted to make a lancer for dueling but i have absolutly no clue as to how to make a good Lancer (ive never played a barb b4) could anyone help me out and tell me what skills to put into?



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20 spear
20 BO
20 WW

If you're making a def lancer, you will want
20 iron skin
20 shout

if you're make a speeder, you will want this in stead of shout/iron skin
5 to 10 faster run/walk skill
5 to 10 natural res

A defence lancer used to be used to duel BvB. These days, it seems everybody is packing a shield, so I imagine very little use for this kind of lancer. If you do want to make one of these, get yourself high defence(near 100 enhanced defence) gear. Ornate, Grim Helm, ect.

A speeder is used these days to duel against casters(In the past also against bowzons, in which case you needed a lot of faster hit recovery so the arrows didn't keep you pinned down). You will want to use a item which has Cannot be Frozen since a lot of 'casters' will be cold sorcs. This means you will have to use either a hawkmail (very good for resists) or a Deaths Sash. A few other, non-cold, casters you are likely to run into are Hammerdins, FoHdins, Fireballsorcs and Lightning Javazons.
A good gear combi for a speedlancer is Iratha's full set, combined with hawkmail and 30frw boots with at least 2 res over 30. You can start out with simple 30 frw boots and upgrade when you find better ones.