How do I bind spells?


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How do I bind spells?

I would like to know how to bind spells similar to how i bind them in Diablo 2. The F keys, etc like F1 F2 F3 F4...

Is this even possible? I was thinking of making a Sorcerer, but wanted to know about this first. All I can figure out is press "s" to open spell select.

EDIT: Nevermind... Wish I found this out earlier, but looks like you are limited to four slots.

[Note: set spell hotkeys by hitting "S", moving the mouse cursor over
the spell and hitting one of the F5-F8 keys to assign this key as the
Hotkey. I suggest you use F5 for Firebolt and F6 for charged bolt and
stick with that setup - F5=fire F6=lightning for the rest of your

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Re: How do I bind spells?

I set mine up as-
F6-chain lightning
F8-mana shield


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Re: How do I bind spells?

Yep, that's the normal way to set them up. Also for F7 can be Stone Curse or Town Portal.

One thing I like to do, especially in Hell/Hell with a sorc, is slot 7 and 8 in the belt being Full Rej + Scroll of Mana shield. Then you get into trouble you can hit 7-8 on your keyboard and be safe, rather than faffing around trying to cast healing & mana shield or whatever. You could also throw in a Phasing scroll at 8 and move Rej/MS down to 6 and 7, although really phasing can put you in a worse position.