How did you learn to use GIMP?


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What definition of gimp are you going for, because I can think of plenty of different answers based on the definition?


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Freemason said:
The free photoediting software from
Is Photoshop or Photoshop Elements an option? I realize that GIMP is free and PS is uber-expensive (and even PS Elements is a good bit of cash, too) but I find PS to be far, far superior. What do you need the software to do?


Photoshop is way out of my pricerange. I'm going to use GIMP to do things like make animated avatars and generally screw around (aka photoshop contests)


Making animations with GIMP can be a pain, but it works...

I have to reteach myself every time though... You should be able to find a guide online... (the help menu links to the proper online spot for tutorials, AFAIK)