How did this happen?


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How did this happen?

A title that would make jauques sauniere proud, this is a loaded question.
I repeat, How did this happen?
I was marching my way to Mephisto the other night and happened upon a pack of blood lord Champs. Not being one deny them the priveledge of Trystal's wrath, Level 30 meteors rained down in fury. Expecting the usual greater healing, super mana, and a blue sash, I depressed my space bar to reveal the following:


Now, back to my loaded question: How did this happen?- pt 1. I was under the assumption that this was a TC 90 item, now a TC 87, of the rarest in the entire game. I was also under the impression that Durance 3 monsters did not have the ability to drop from the highests TC's. Where have I mistaken?

How did this happen? pt 2. Having played this game for well over 2 years, with a barbarian toting >700% MF in 1.09 and a sorcie sporting >450% MF in 1.10, I have never once been blessed with a drop such as this.

Perhaps my perception of a Corona is over valued in 1.10. But if memory serves me correctly, this was a highly coveted drop for grail seekers, such as myself.


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lvl83 and above can drop from TC87 IIRC, just with an very small chance. Also if I remember right, they can't drop the highest base items but they can drop all the nice stuff from the "tc87"

Shade or someone could propably explain it better


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Since you said you found it on a Champ Blood Lord, they get a +2 level increase. So the monster becomes lvl 85 and thus drop a plenty of stuff. Better than Tresh Socket. At lvl85 they get a relatively good chance of TC87 items too.