How close are you to a self-found 1.10 grail?


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How close are you to a self-found 1.10 grail?

With Vorbiss' post about achieving a -1 grail it got me thinking about those crazy enough to go for a self-found grail. That's still my ultimate D2 goal, but I found I like trading too much, so I'm trying to achieve a conventional grail first. But, I'm still keeping at least one of every item that I've found in 1.10 in the hopes of achieving that dream some time in the future.

Currently I'm 68 items away from a 1.10 self-found grail. Who else has less than 100 items to go and how far away are you? What items (other than high TC ones) do you seem to be missing? For me the disappointing area is amulets. Although I found nearly every one in 1.09, I've only found 4 different amulets in 1.10 so far. :grrr:


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66 items missing from grail, 136 or so from self found (not entirely sure of this, have couple of items I'm unsure about).

My grail consists of uniques/sets and runes, also all rainbow facets are counted separately :)


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I am at 115 items counting runes. Hard to find items include the usual stuff. Hand of Broc, Greyform, Death's Sash, Gull, Knell Striker, etc


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Down to 57

Andariel's Visage
Arm of King Leoric
Carrion Wind
Cerebus Bite
Crescent Moon
Crown of Ages
Darkforge Spawn
Deaths's Web
Executioner's Justice
Death's Fathom
Gargoyle's Bite
Highlord's Wrath
Astreon's Ironward
Knell Striker
Mang Song's Lesson
Nightwing's Veil
Nosferatu's Coil
Pelta Lunata
Que-Hegan's Wisdon
Spirit Ward
Steel Carapace
Stone Crusher
The Cat's Eye
The Cranium Basher
The Gnasher
The Grandfather
The Hand of Broc
Tyrael's Might
Wisp Projector

Cow King's Hide
Cow King's Hoofs
Cow King's Horns
Griswold's Honor
Griswolds's Redemption
Griswold's Valor
Sander's Paragon
Tal Rasha's Guardianship
Telling of Beads
Trang-Oul's Girth


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I'm down to 35, plus one for Gheeds Fortune, and another 5 for the different Rainbow Facet jewels. I'm not counting 1.09 uniques/ sets, since I already found those. My goal is to get them all drop, but there's some lower tc (lol) elite uniques that don't seem to want to drop for me (Sandstorm Trek, Steelshade, ect). Weird stuff.

Edit: Doh, forgot about the new unique amulets and rings (Carrion Wind, Natures Peace, Wisp Projector, Seraph's Hymn, Metalgrid). Add those in with the Jewels, the charm, and the total is 46.


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I'm down to 11. Actually I thought I was down to 10 but recounting it looks like I'm 11 away. What a bummer! But I don't count runes or the Unique Jewels although I have 5 of 8 of the Jewels.

Metal Grid (Amulet)
Griffons Eye
Tyrael's might
Templar's might
Shadow Dancer (boots)
Executioner's Justice
Asteo'sd wand
The cranium Basher
Stone Crusher
Mang Song's Lesson
Death's web

Takis (El_Greco)


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132 without counting runes left in my self-found grail. I notice a lot of people seem to be missing Mang-Song's Lesson. Is it really that rare? I found mine on like my 5th pit run :)


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76 left, not counting jewels (tho i think i have most of them), charm (of course i have), and runes (well, i'm never gonna get it anyway, MF doesn't help for runes right?)



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Heh... i've found only 2 sets (Sanders) and 2 unique so far. I just started SP with a fishy, he's lvl 24 in Act2.
BTW can an ethereal unique count as a grail item?

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Yes, it does. However, there is another type of grail: the ethereal unique grail. This consists of all uniques able to spawn ethereal, and so far has only been completed by a very select few in 1.09. Obviously, since sets cannot spawn ethereal, they aren't included.


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I FUBAR when it comes to grailing.

I was aiming for a self-found, but then i traded it all way for some runes . . .

:D But i have Enigma ;)

But i still found the items, even tho i traded them away. Where does it say i have to HAVE all the items? :lol:


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I FUBAR when it comes to grailing.
Sorry to hijack this thread, but this is the first time I see FUBAR used here at SPF. I know what it means, a great word IMO (one of the greatest english word ever).