how can this be


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Quickske said:
i was just burning a mulle charakter, and i was standing in a polish game

they opened the portal to the cows and i clicked on it, just for fun

now, since when can a charakter that HASN'T killed baal enter taht portal?

i have a screen to prove it

Since 1.10, you can enter the cowlevel without having to kill baal. You must kill him though, to be able to open up the portal yourself.


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Loboleal said:
You can enter in red portal, but not in blue ones even yours. I don't know if bug or feature.
Actually, if the blue is yours, you can enter it, I just tried it and it works. The character I used has not killed baal and cannot open the red portal. If I try to go down someone else's blue (even if I'm party'd with them) it dosen't work but if I cast my own blue I can re-enter it.