How can I rearrange gear for MF


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How can I rearrange gear for MF

Got a windie since I'm straight druid, I don't do the meteorb, lightning zon, fishymancer type of thing.

So far I have:

200ed Shael'ed Jalals
Enigma ap
Trangs belt for CBF
20 str ring
Rare fcr ring
+1 ele/8fcr druid ammy
Switch is CTA/eth lidless

What can I do to change around my gear to suit MF, without losing killing power?


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That amu doesnt do much. I mean one elemental skill... Switch that out for a mf amu.

Switch to mf setup just before a boss dies? gull + something.


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If this is just an mf character and not for pvp, then use a ptopaz shako, and a goldwrap belt. You don't need to worry about being frozen because you tele around, and cast rate isn't affected by frozen. Also if you can throw on some nagel rings, mf ammy, etc. You don't need all the fhr / fcr if you're just mf'ing in pvm.