How can i get a SOJ?


How can i get a SOJ?

I want to get a SOJ but don't want to trade for one on the basis that so many are duped, where is the bast place to look?
I saw somewhere that you can gamble for them? is this true and if so what level do you need to be?

Also is it possible to get two on the same character? i.e. will another drop if my player is already wearing one?

Thanks in advance


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Yes you can have a SOJ drop even if your already wearing one BUT not if the the first SOJ dropped in the same game.

Like that will ever happen :rolleyes:


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Assuming you are playing the expansion, NM andy is your best bet by far. But expect to do hundreds of runs (and find 10-20 of nagel and manald) before you finally get one (statistically speaking... you could of course get lucky).

If you do NOT play the expansion, then NM andy can not drop a SoJ at all. Go with hell andy, or normal diablo if you can't take on hell andy with 200ish MF or more.

Gambling for SoJs will cost you a LOT of gold, as only 1 in 2000 gambled items are unique, and SoJ is one of the three rarest rings. Besides, you'd want to be a certain level (45 or something) to avoid the chance of getting Raven Frost or Dwarf Star (both at qlvl 50).

Without the expansion, you wouldn't have to worry, and if you have a fresh, unpatched installation, gamble away! Much easier with it always being a SoJ if you don't have one, and have both manald and nagel.


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The odds are drastically improved if you get the bugged NM Andy drop people talk about. I'm still not sure how it works. Supposedly you just have to talk to somebody in town before leaving after defeating her and she will drop as if it was her first from that point on but I don't think it always works. An easier method would simply be to begin the game with somebody who has already defeated her and then finish her off with a character that hasn't yet.

I found my first SoJ on normal Baal. Go figure.