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How can I fix my wind druid build?

Discussion in 'Druid' started by PDXBoy, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. PDXBoy

    PDXBoy IncGamers Member

    Feb 23, 2004
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    How can I fix my wind druid build?

    My lvl 82 wind druid is OK, but damage seems too small
    I have maxed tornado, hurricane and cyclone, and am about 5 points away from maxing twister.
    Oak is about half done. A few points in wolves and bear, with bear my usual fighting buddy.
    Merc is an act 2 with Reaper Thresher, Crown of Thieves.
    I am wearing a full Aldur's set (w/2 pTopas in pelt for MF). Every time I switch something out, e.g. wizardspike for the weapon, I find that my damage goes down because I lose the full set mods
    I use a SS and an Immortal King Belt (like the mods, even though not uniquely for this build).

    I don't have Enigma armor yet -- have the 4-socket Archon, now wondering about getting runes without just buying them.

  2. TheFarSide

    TheFarSide IncGamers Member

    Nov 17, 2003
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    The big tornado damage comes from having + to skills above and beyond your maxed skills and synergies. Sure, Aldur's gives you +3 to your elemental skills, but your cast rate will suffer. You need to be looking for + skills with other methods. Try using a wizardspike, lidless, vipermagi, and if possible, a nice rare druid helm that gives + to druid skills as well as + to tornado directly. Another easy way to sacrifice some excellent unique or rare gear for the sake of damage is to look for a +3 to elemental skills amulet. This isn't the most ideal equipment, but you'll retain your + to skills (if not more), and you'll have a much better casting breakpoint, meaning it's easier to spam tornados.

    Keep in mind, a point into a synergy will give you about 50 extra tornado damage. A point into tornado above 20 will give you closer to 150 extra damage. Really shoot for having as much + to skills as you can, even if you have to sacrifice defense or blocking until you can have the optimal gear. Natural grand charms (+1 to elemental skill tree) are very helpful, but also fairly sought after at the moment. Straight out damage (and damage over time), especially in softcore, will be better initially than being hit less.
  3. EndTheory

    EndTheory IncGamers Member

    Oct 29, 2003
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    Looks like it boils down to 3 main problems:

    1) Sounds like you have about 10-15 pts invested in oak and summons... that's too much until you've maxed Torndado, Twister, Hurricane AND elemental shield thing.

    2) Aldur's set is not very good for elem druid at all. Get some other gear that has more +1 skills and Fcr

    3) As someone else pointed out you really need to try and get 99% total FCR IMO to make this build work.

    My Gear:

    Heart of Oak (Cold Facet wizskpike is good too)
    Arach mesh
    skulders (for mf but viper works well too)
    Lidless wall /w cold facet (lots use SS but i like the mana/fcr on lidless)
    war travs
    magefist (fcr)
    2 near perf nagels (for mf but 10 fcr rings or SOJ are good too)
    +2 elem skills and 20 mf ammy

    anyway even without HOTO it's easy to get more + skills and fcr without using aldurs..

    As far as enigma... you need a 3 socket armor there bro :)
  4. junglejim

    junglejim IncGamers Member

    Mar 10, 2004
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    Is this windy for PvM or PvP?

    If it's PvP, then get to 99 FCR first, then worry about + skills.

    If it's PvM, then get to 50 FCR first, then worry about +skills.

    Common sources of FCR:
    10% - rings, ammies, etc.
    20% - Trang's gloves, magefist
    30% - Skin of the Vipermagi armor (also gives +1 skill)
    40% - HOTO (also gives +3 skill)
    50% - Wizard spike, Spectral shard

    I use Trang's/magefist + Skin of the Vipermagi + Wiz for 100 FCR.

    Once you reach the desired breakpoint, look for +skills. Your dmg increases dramatically from +skill items since you get the + to the primary and all synergy skills!

    I use:
    Jalal's - +2 Druid skills (shape shifting is worthless to me)
    blue ammie - +3 elemental skills
    Skin of Vipermagi - +1 all skills
    Lidless - +1 all skills
    2x - +1 elem skill GC
    SOJ - +1 all skills
    Annihilus - +1 all skills

    For lvl 31 in all wind skills.

    I only do like 3500 'nado damage but my FCR helps a lot. I do enough dmg to cause the hit recovery animation and my FCR is good enough to keep opponents there.
  5. Æ’enris

    Æ’enris Banned

    Dec 31, 2003
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    You don't need 99fcr.

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