How can I find out info about my computers motherboard in windows? o


How can I find out info about my computers motherboard in windows?

IM just bought a new HD 250 GB and the computer only shows 131 GB and the guy at the computer store says I need to find the homepage of the company that made my motherboard and download the latest drivers for bios there.

So how can I find out the full info on my motherboard like version etc so I can find the companys homepage?


I recently found out (last night) that with Nero InfoTool, you can test your computers specs and it will tell you your mobo.


ok what I found so far is.

its either called "Micro-Star MS-6318" or "VIA Apollo Pro 133A" and it says "82C694T" on the motherboard itself.

But so far no luck finding any new bios drivers.


Is it a custom built computer, or is it a factory built one?

If its factory built, tell me the brand name and model number of the computer.


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If you have directX installed, there's a handy tool already at your fingertips.

From the "run" command, type dxdiag and run it. It will give you detailed system information, probably more than you care for.

From there you can get your mobo type and then find the website and drivers for it.

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Be aware that your Motherboard may not support 48bit addressing (addressing required to support hard disks of larger than 137MB) even if you flash to the latest BIOS version, and that you may need to patch Windows to recognise the whole disk. IIRC, Windows versions before XP (i.e. Me, 98SE, 95), cannot support disks of this size either.


I downloaded those new bios drivers and flashed bios and now for some reason my comouter cant reboot itself.

Only way to reboot it now it to shut down the computer.
Pull the power cable.
wait 1 min
put back power cable and then the computer automaticly turns itself on.

The computer still didnt find more than 131 GB though so the guy at the computer store told me to buy something called an "IDE card" since you cant return storage things like harddrives there.

I bought and installed the card through PCI and then I reinstalled windows on my old 40 GB HD and in the thingy where you can see all hardware installed (dont know the english name) I found the 250 GB HD in there and when I press "Update" it says it has 238 GB memory which is fine by me but how can I start using it?

Id like to use the 238 GB had as main HD but when its used through the PCI that doesnt seem to work since when I try to partition it with the windows XP startup CD it cant find the 238 GB HD.