How are super high def skin of flayed one armors made? ifr


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How are super high def skin of flayed one armors made?

Hello all!
I saw someone selling an eth skin of the flayed one with some absurdly high def figure (I think it was close to 2000). Anyone know how it could get up so high? I'm not sure how the math works as you apply ethereal and when you up it. Thanks!

Evrae Altana

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It's been upgraded. When you upgrade an item, the base defense is rerolled, while the ED% on the item remains fixed. So an ethereal upgraded Skin of the Flayed One can have up to:
474(maximum base defense of Scarab Husk) * 1.5 (ethereal bonus) = 711

711 * 2.9 (maximum ED% of Skin of the Flayed One) = 2061


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similarly it's possible to reach 700+ def with an upgraded eth stealskull.
Completely OT, but I've got an ethereal Godly Conqueror Crown with two sockets and somewhere around 750 defense - if I were to put two puls in this, will the defense really get up to ~1200?


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well a 200% conqueror crown ethereal has 720 defence. two puls would make it 260%ed = 240*3.6 = 864 defence


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Try it... wi'll cost you only an Hr value and maybe a nice collector helm. Lmk :)
Meh, I just looked at it and I haven't Larzuk'd it yet, so no sockets. I'll do it after I get my newest character (Astreon, the abbot) up to Shenk and maybe have a coolio helmet to add to the rest of my novelty items.

260%ed = 240*3.6 = 864 defence
Aha, I did the math wrong then.