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Hey guys, I've read through some very informative guides, and was wondering, as I saw a hammerdin using charge and vigour to just run around and up to monsters, switching to hammer, casting a few.. switching back to charge/vigour really quick, etc.. what I'm wondering is, how do you guys set up your hotkeys to use the various skills? Up until now I've just been using my mousewhele with auras on the right and hammers on the left, but.. I think that's not quite doing it anymore, any info is really appreciated, thanks!

mic pb

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open up the thing where u choose the skills that you want to use, not the skill tree, but the one where there is one on the left and right. after doing that, put the mouse over the skill u want to hotkey and then press one of the F keys at the top. (like F1, F2, etc.)


It doesn't have to be the Fkeys. you can remap to any key to you pretty much. Here's how my Hammerdin has it set up:

q w e r t - are mapped to my most often used auras such as concentrate,m salvation, etc
a s d f g - are mapped to my combat skills. Hammer goes here, so does sacrifice, zeal, etc
z x c v b - are my less used auras such as defiance and also Holy Shield.

That's 15 skills. For the last one, I mapped f12 and mousewheel down to Town portal.

I remapped the character screen, quest screen, skill screen etc to the Fkeys. You don't use them combat, so put them in the less convenient locations on the top of your keyboard. Oh I also remapped Tab to weapon switch, ` to toggle minimap and ctrl to toggle run/walk hehe.


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Right, my main question was how you actually have yours set up, for example, after experimenting a bit, here's how im currently:

Since my left hand is almost always on the 1-4 keys, i decided to use closeby ones,
qwrt -
q - blessed hammer, left side
w - concentration, right side
r - redemtion aura, right side
t - townportal, right side

ash -
a - charge, left side
s - vigour, right side
h - holy shield, right side

The reason I went with this, is my 2 main keypresses include qw and as, but really quick and really easy to do to switch back and forth, the r and h are close enough to be there when needed, same with townportal. So far it's been working fairly good, just is taking me a bit to get used to, so we will see how it goes. I've since stopped using my mouse to select them at all, and may set my middle click to something instead of the map, I wish you could hotkey the heal merc feature.


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and i who do just fine with my f1-f8... but i am no allday player thou=)
anyqway, i use
F2 main skill (if not sorc or baba)
F3 extra skill (such as vengeanze on zealot)
F4 HS or the like, (TS
F5 Aura 1 or curse or nrgshield
F6 aura 2 or golem or teleport
F7 ... dont use it much...
F8 Run skill. if there are any.
i use charge/ vigor with hammer / conc

F1 Hammer Left
F2 Conc Right
F3 Teleport Right (egnmia Armor)
F4 Charge Left
F5 Vigor
F6 Blessed Aim
F7 Clensing
F8 Holyshield.


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i'm satisfied (for now) with my hand resting so three of my fingers are on the left shift, z (middle finger) and alt key (index finger)

rests easy that way

shift = stand still (good for hammering)
z = weapon switch (between hammer/conc and redemption (given by other weapon)
alt = show me the treasure fast (so i can move on my way faster)

beyond that i have f8 for running between monster groups (vigor).... the rest i rarely use

took a while to get used to allthe shifting i need to do to hammer correctly, but, i have it down now and my hand is perfectly rested while playing now