"Hot or Not"


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"Hot or Not"

Have you ever gone to one of these sites?

After about a min of looking at some of these girls I just have the urge to say you forgot your dignity and your lunch, EAT SOMTHING!
Gah they are so skinny!


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Not only have I gone, I'm on that site. Go me being hotter than 84% of the guys on the site. I'm sexah.


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I'm on there too.

My rating is only 6.8!
To hell with hotornot.
They don't know what beauty is.

Just kidding, the site is cool.
I've had two matches since i put up my pic.


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i must have either higher or jacked up standards... cause my scores for most of those girls are a lot lower than most peoples. Seems like if the girl shows any cleavage at all in the pic... it's like always higher than 8, pretty ridiculous to me.


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I actually had a comment from an 18 year old girl that had the odacity to comment on the ickyness of armpit hairs (I was wearing a tank-top).

Sheesh.... if you don't have anything nice to say.... don't say anything at all.... or post your picture on Hot or Not.


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The website should be called...



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My ex is on there, for those interested. Let's all go terrorize her!!! BWAHAHAHA!

(I wonder if I can find her on the site.... hurm... *runs off to HON.com)