Hosting a MP Game


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Hosting a MP Game

Hey all,

Apologies in advance if this has been posted before -- I'm sure it has -- but the search feature turned up so many hits I wasn't even sure what to do.

My brother is visiting for the weekend, and we have two computers with D2 installed on them. Is there any way we could go about playing D2 without going on Bnet? I know many of you SPF'rs play MP, but I have no idea how to go about setting that up.

Thank you in advance for any help!



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Use the TCP/IP option if you are over a LAN - IE same house.
If you use XP you will probably need to turn the firewall off. (I have, others say they don't. Try it.)
Your router should tell you what your internal IP addy is. If you can't do that both of you set up a game as host, show the map and the internal ip addy is in the top right corner. One of you log out and log into whoever is still logged in.

Frostburn - the way I read his post "friend over, 2 computers", it sounded like he had a LAN set up. This is a little different to the way you MP with players in a different house. In fact it is much more simple.

The issue you had with MP'ing with people in different houses was because of your dynamic IP addy - shown by

However, over a LAN (IE same house) the IP addy is static. It's like a pyramid you get the external IP addy (eg) which then split the information to the internal IP addy in the house or (for example).


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I was very much clueless (and still am) when I first started looking into MP'ing. has a lot of instructions on how to set it up. But even after trying to do so, I still couldn't make it work. One problem is that I have a dynamic IP address.

Turns out, all I needed to do to host, was check what my current IP address was at the time (either using the above website, or in-game, click on 'Other Connections', and it should give you your IP address). I then clicked on 'Host Game', join with a char, post the IP up, and others can join.

I didn't even need to disable my Firewall or setup Port 4000 for it. When I deleted Port 4000 from my Firewall, I still could host and join. Maybe it's just my own personal circumstances and my particular firewall (McAfee), but just try my method. If it works, it could save you a lot of hassle with


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@bg1256: If by chance you do NOT have a LAN set up (if your computer connects to the Internet through a modem, for instance) you can still play together, but it will require purchase of at least one cable. If you don't have a LAN set up, post back and we can walk you through what you need to do.