horrid lag...durance and harrogath


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horrid lag...durance and harrogath

does anyone else get realy horrid lag in the last week or so going to meph or while in harrogath?

EVERY time i run to meph (maybe it's my pally using vigor and my comp can't keep up or something) i end up lagging at least 3 times. like i'll be surrounded by a vicious mob of critters but i'll be 2 miles away still running.

and at harrogath, if you run from mala to hiratli using the steps on your right side of the screen and outside when you use the wp to run to shenk; those steps too. anyone else?


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I personally haven't had anything like that. Sounds like serverside lag to me. Use /framerate or /fps to determine if your computer is bugging out on you. If the lag just recently started make sure you don't have any resource-draining spy/ad ware on your system. That's all I can think of.


I had that happen a few weeks ago, got dropped due to lag. Put /fps up and saw a ping of 980 before dropping out. Later it was 4856.


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I've been having the same problems lately but I think it is more on the side of my cable internet provider who is too cheap to by some more bandwidth so I dont jump from a ping of 73 to one of 5000 every minute or two.