Hopes for MP.


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Hopes for MP.

I suggest, and I know this is probably stupid and undoable, that we try to make MP a good alternative to SP, I understand alot want to stay with SP, which is awesome, but for SCL chars, HCL chars, there should be a way to play strictly with other Ladder MP people that are run on regular times, open to the public. I know I personally find playing with another person as huge fun, Snake and I did this yesterday, for 2 1/2 hours, and it was AWESOME seeing two charcters that can do it together. I know I'm relatively new here(Accually, I'm not, having posted for a few years under the name Lotek, which was lost somehow. I posted mainly in the barb forum), but I want to make some friends, people that want to play together, and have fun. Help each other out when possible, ect.

I'm going to start a guide, on how to successfully MP a char, the roles each char needs to take, Ideas on how to improve the MP enivorment(sp) and to learn to play together and have fun. We all participate in this forum simply to show, have fun, learn, and get to know each other. What better way of doing that than a regular MP game? The problem lies like this, Coming from B.net, most people are uber greedy, The greediness corrupts people, its really sad, but here goes on my ideas.

MP Ideas-

I run my MP games a specific way, I run them by fairness, equality, item rolls and drops. In all my games, people are assigned different skills that, if they have them they should use them. No two pallies use same aura, and if they do, the one with the highest skill level on that aura uses it, and the one with the lower uses an alternative, such as might defiance prayer or blessed aim. No two Sorcs using same skill, rule applies to same as above, such as both chars are CL/Blizz, one reverts to mainly blizz and otehr to CL/Static field. This effectively helps speed up killing time and increases the fun of the game.


When an item drops, it is immediately identified, and then given up if the charcter that identfies doesn't have a overly great use for the item. Say your in a 8 player MP TPC/Lan game, and a rare Collusus sword drops, showing 330% ED, Lifeleech and IAS. The first person its up to grabs to is the high damage melee'er of the group, second would go to person who has a Merc which can use the weapon. If it is still undecided which person gets the weapon, The two people guess numbers, which are thought up by the 3rd person who has no need for the item. This increases general happiness and fairness in a MP game.

Weak charcter builds til certian level-

Weak charcter builds until say level 18-30, will be given special treatment, but will not recieve drops unless NOBODY needs it, unless they are specifically doing something useful for the group, It's no fair for a paladin using FoH/Convi at level 14 to get a Tarn. It's bad for moral of the group and generally causes icky situations.

The benifit of all this is to create a stable and fun MP enviroment for SP charcters who wish to meet other people and have fun. I do believe there is a want for MP games, of all types, and that is evident by the Multiplayer thread, but we need a set of rules, on which people are to be held accountable for there actions, to make MP games stable, safe, and moreover fun. I think this generally sums up what I've thought up to this point, I do hope MP becomes a huge reality for people such as wonderful as all of you, that you can have fun together and become close with friends you already have.



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It seems to be, these aren't really rules yet, need to be refined. There does need to be a core set of rules, and I don't mean to upset anyone, but when playing on USEAST B.net ladder, I noticed ALOT of people not really paying attention to the party, not doing what speeds up killing, leveling, and I think everyone needs to know these ideas on how to MP correctly. Consider this a Mini-Idea, which needs advice and improvement.


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welll i like the idea's u have for Mp sessions, although i dont think that MP-ing is dead at the SPF, i have always loved the MP sessions here and will pplay MP sessions with my regulars for a long time i hope



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Lotek, I don't think there's any need to create any set of rules here. You'll soon find out that people here aren't like the average battle.net realm public players. I've yet to see even one rude player here, or one person that isn't fair with items found during MP games.

Last time I played on MP, we found few nice uniques, elite ones I might add, no one just hogged it for themselves, actually at first no one seemed to even want it...does this sound like what you've seen in the realms? I think not...


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Okay Borlag, but I'd like to put the info out there for anyone who hasn't done singleplayer MP, its a different aspect of the game.


Yea everyone tries to get rid of items here. You have to specifically ask the other players to keep the actual item.

In my first game here people insisted on giving my amazon Buriza's, Titan's and other stuff. I said I was not accepting. We were doing hell Kurast, and in the end a Buriza were left on the ground for no one wanted to pick it up.

(someone muled it in with a char, left it there and no one was interested)

I usually pick uniques/sets up and ask if anyone needs it. They usually don't, if they do, I am giving. The bigger problem is always get someone taking the unwanted items. I don't like when they are left on the ground, but I am usually full.


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Lotek-Crask said:
ISnake and I did this yesterday, for 2 1/2 hours, and it was AWESOME

yeah it was lots of fun :thumbsup:

just wanted to say that there is one user named Snake on this forum, and me, SnakeEye85

So saying snake, while meaning snakeeye might be a bit confusing :)

I have always loved MP here in the spf and those rules you listed seems great, but so far thats how it usually work here. I haven´t had any problem with anyone being greedy or so. Thats why i prefer MP here in the spf rather than bnet.

Most people that i have MPed with have been from USA and im from Sweden, thats a problem with the timezones. Thats why im often having problems to join regular MP sessions (there have been lots of these before).

So i prefer to just let people know in the MP thread that im here and interessted in MP whenever i want to.

A good ide is to se if the person you play with have MSN or something like that so you can play with him more.
Me and strijdje played like everyday for sevral hours for weeks in a row, lots of fun and some new pats/mats :)

If i could host, there would be MP games up all the time :p
will se if i can fix that later today.


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Lotek: Have you had any problems in MP games that suggest we need the rules? I've been playing MP games for a long time and I've never had any problems in the past.

A lot of stuff is just common sense. If you've got more than 1 paladin in the party, 1 will usually run Fanatacism (cause all pallys have it :) ) and the other pallys will run something else (like conviction or holy freeze). Don't see any reason why sorcs shouldn't use whatever skills they want.

If you've got a necro in the party, settling a game plan for corpses is also a good idea.

There have been very few arguments over drops in the games I've played. Mostly its a case of "the item will go to whoever wants it." (Usually half the party doesn't). In the case of an item that several people really want I prefer the gold method for settling things. Everyone picks a number between 0 and 9. Then you go out and kill a monster or two in the Blood Moor. The last digit of the first pile of gold to drop is the winning number.

For MP games here, you usually know the people you're playing with, unlike battle.net.



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yeah yeah, i already feel quilty for 2 weeks from eachother :teeth: i should have my computer back at the end of this week//beginning of the next week so i think we can start wsk//pit or jus duel and lvl again :D maybe then i will find some good runes for you :lol: