Homunculus block


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Um, try the stat forum. It also depends on the characters lvl, should be a sticky somewhere with all the formulas. Or search.

Alex Kerensky

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Or you can derive the formula yourself.

You know block is based on the following variables:

Dexterity (d)
Character Level (clvl)
Item Block % (ib)

You also have your desired block value (db), which is equal to 75%.

Your givens are the ib and the db, as well as an assumed clvl. So, with the two basic assumptions that the required d will go up as your clvl increases, and if we assume your clvl is at 80, you can start working a formula together.

Or, you can look up the information, as Frank has suggested. :p


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I have PM'd you the link of a block calculator. It is in the Statistics forum somewhere.