Holy Shield (Blocking %)


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Holy Shield (Blocking %)

I havn't put any Dex in my character yet, but I am planning to use Hoz and put about 10 points into holy shield plus about 15~ points from +skill gear.

So my question: With a lvl 25..ish Holy shield and no items that give dex, how much dex do I need to add for max block with holy shield on, i have enough trouble figuring out max block normally I have no idea how holy shield works.


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Ok I'll try to explain what holy shield does. It basically adds to your chance to block, adds def and smite damage. For example, my lvl 93 zealot has a normal (w/o holy shield) chance to block of 54% w/ 138 dex. With holy shield, he has 75% chance to block. Seems that holy shield just adds to your chance to block, capped at 35% i believe.

Hope this helps.


the best thing to do is just not spend all ur stat points, just leave them unused for now

max out holy shield, or at least get it to the lvl u want it to be at the end

then make sure u have ur desired shield, check ur %block and add dex until it is desired % [usually 75% for a pally]


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it will add block around 35, even 36, 37 when your level is higher than 30, but not so much.