Holy Grail Berserker


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I'm going to update every +1% chance for Tyrael for a while.
Total chance: 81%
drops 620 000
next update: 640 000 drops, 82% (50 000 pitruns)

I had some luck, but not Tyrael luck

CoA #16 & #17


This 1 socketed
BTW: every 2000 pitruns something happens on exp bar - this is 4000+ since ding.


Everyone has this


Second Queen of Eth Grail:
I have betta though


This is good? Probably not, because Highlord


First ever Mara 30?
Stashed in my trophy stash


See you much later


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Beginning of madness.
Where are your updates bruh?

640 000drops
Tyrael: 82%

CoA #18


Wisp P #4


This doesn't happen often


Godly grief upgrade (previous: 38-385)


and I found Cham rune, no screenshot though.
I missed at least one boss, maye he had Tyrael?

Next update: 660000, 83%


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It's both nice and not nice to see your updates XD The struggle is real.

I don't play D2 for a few months now. It got a little bit boring and i switched to different games. Will probably come back for the MFO, unless something happens.


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Welcome back to my quest to find all Templar's Mights.
660 000 drops
83% Tyrael
Nothing special this time: CoA#19, Lo (and failed grief), epic eth grail item (spectral shard).
I found 1000 uniques for fun and 46 of them were ethereal, so I believe chance to be eth is 5%. 2 times I found 87 items before something eth dropped.
It's been 70 000 drops without fake sacred armor. I hope it will never drop again.
280 GB of videos deleted

Next stop: 681 000 drops, 84% Tyrael

When is MFO?
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Sup friend? xD I don't even know what to say in those replies anymore XD

MFO starts on 28th of August, but you have to join the new forum and sign up for it to be able to participate.


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681000 drops
84% Tyrael

Fock, I told you Knell Striker or Tyrael will drop soon:


Torch of Iro #2 ever


and this crap strikes again...
Templar #18
Maybe no Tyrael in this version?


Griswold Honor from normal devilkin is rare
1/1 700 000



Cool archer, I have low cold resistance.


I also found CoA# 20, 21 and 22 (y, this is crazy). Wisp Projector and some eth grail items (eth Greyform best).

Next stop: 85% Tyrael, 706 000 drops (interval is growin fast)
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Did someone find Tyrael during MFO?
Definitely not me.


Actually 706 000 drops.

New Eth Grail items:

Steel Shade
Nord's Tenderizer

Arm of King Leoric
The Vile Husk
Bloodtree Stump

The Diggler
Spectral Shard
The Jade Tan Do

56 eth items left.

Some pictures:

4 x Isted Runemaster for mf ? Probably bad idea


Only HR during last runs?


Evryone has this



This is kinda cool - 2 Wisp Projectors identified at once.


205 GB of videos deleted.
Next stop: 731 000 drops, 86%
damm, would be cool if it dropped


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Nah, no one found it. There were some nice drops though.

Runemaster is trash as off-hand, cause the base is very slow and it can't compete with Grief in terms of dmg.

That dual wsip drop is kinda crazy ^^

I hope you find it too. You really deserve it xD


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Hi there
Surprise, no Tyrael but at least I got something I thought I would NEVER find. Maybe I'll even complete eth Grail before normal Grail?
731 000 items dropped, total 86% chance for Tyrael's Might.

First of all completely new item - hyperion hyperion




I found also 1 or 2 Cham runes, they are recorded but not pictured.


Torch of Iro #3


Knell Striker #2


Fock, this crap again
Number #19
3 of these I found among last 200 000 drops, which is less than average, overall I'm above average


And the winner of this round, one of the rarest things ever is this:


Next stop, if it happens, is 759 000 drops, it is 2200 pitruns.


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I’m really feeling for you now, keep going!

On the positive side we Ethereal Stormlash finders are in a very small and exclusive group. Loads of people have Tyrael’s by comparison.


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Hi hi

update, 759000drops, 87% total chance of finding Tyrael's Might.

I found something - it was green, my 20th one and I don't like it at all, hope I will never see it again... It was 23000 drops ago btw. Don't have screenshot.

Nothing too special this time:
D2 diplopia:



This rune is too low


Ok, this is better (3rd Zod ever)


CoA #23, and none of them was very good (14-2-27 best?)


I was hoping for godly Eth grail item but nop
Btw I finally eliminated brown skin small charms


This is very rare but I don't need it.


Ok, that's it for now.
Next stop (I hope not though) 789 000 / 87+1 (lol cenzorship)%, 2350 pitruns
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It's been too long, but I wasn't farming much
Next 2 months and we will get to 90%.
**% total.
No Tyrael under Christmas tree.

Half decent circlets



CoA #24


3-20-20 - yes
20-5 - yes
3-20-7mf - nop (not even 3-x-7mf)
20-17 - nop
7mf-5all res - nop


Not pictured items: 2 Ber runes, 2 Death's Web, 2 Death Fathoms, Griffon's Eye, SoJ - all of them are too common xd

I'm over 380000 drops from Grail drop #2, it equals 64% of finding Tyrael's Might.
Next stop: 89% of win, 821000 drops, 2500 pitruns from now.
Next time I post eth Grail list, because less than 50 items left.
Happy New Year


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Could you post your charm setup by chance?

Also, I have been using this run counter by Oskros, which appears to be FAM. Does a great job tracking time, boss kills, map efficiency, experience, etc. You can find it here : https://github.com/oskros/MF_run_counter.
Thx for info about counter, but I'm probably too far to start it and don't know if it's even allowed here.
Charm setup: Gheed 117-40-15, 22 x 7mf sc, 7mf 11light res, 7 mf 9light res, 7mf 8light res, 7 mf 3cold res, 6mf 10light res, 7mf 1-19light damage, 7mf 1-9ligh damage, 7mf 15defense, 7mf 1 defense, 7mf 16mana, 7mf 20attack rating.

I probably did 100 too many runs, still that was fast, 25 days, 2500 or 2600 runs.
I'm kinda worried there is no Tyrael in my game. Sometimes game crashes too, but I didn't see any gold ancient armor type.
So far officially 821000 items, I'm among top 11% least lucky grailers.
This time I found Ber rune, 2 Griffons, Mang Song, nothing really special.


CoA #25 (it is my indicator)


Oh no...
21st one
Longest "time" without seeing this was about 120 000 drops. Lately every ~70 000 drops it happens


This is kinda rare probably.


Big Eth Grail update:

Exexutioner's Justice
Ondal's Wisdom
Harequin Crest (finally)
Firelizard's Talons

Peasant Crown
Valkyrie Wing
Tiamat's Rebuke
Dark Clan Crusher
Skullder's Ire (175%ed)
Husoldal Evo
Gloom's Trap

The Salamander

Official Eth Grail list and probabilities:

47 items left.

Torch of Iro (1 in 5 320 000)
Bane Ash (1 in 5 300 000)
Blinkbat's Form (1 in 2 760 000)
Hotspur (1 in 2 760 000)
The hand of Broc (1 in 2 760 000)
Biggin's Bonnet (1 in 2 750 000)
Pelta Lunata (1 in 2 750 000)
Death's Web (1 in 2 140 000)
Gull (1 in 1 780 000)
Rixot's Keen (1 in 1 760 000)
Heaven's Light (1 in 1 500 000)
Death's Fathom (1 in 1 280 000)
Ravenlore (1 in 1 120 000)
Dragonscale (1 in 1 120 000)
The Fetind Sprinkler (1 in 1 100 000)
Warpspear (1 in 1 100 000)
Veil of Steel (1 in 880 000)
Cerebus' Bite (1 in 840 000)
Griffon's Eye (1 in 820 000)
Steelrend (1 in 820 000)
Boneflame (1 in 800 000)
Death Cleaver (1 in 720 000)
Giant Skull (1 in 620 000)
Head Hunter's Glory (1 in 600 000)
Boneshade (1 in 600 000)
Lycander's Flank (1 in 560 000)
Jalal's Mane (1 in 500 000)
Nosferatu's Coil (1 in 500 000)
Spirit Forge (1 in 460 000)
Dracul's Grasp (1 in 460 000)
Gore Rider (1 in 460 000)
Black Hades (1 in 460 000)
Medusa's Gaze (1 in 440 000)
The Centurion (1 in 410 000)
Umbral Disk (1 in 410 000)
Ume's Lament (1 in 400 000)
Rockstopper (1 in 380 000)
Gravepalm (1 in 380 000)
Kira's Guardian (1 in 380 000)
Dimoak's Hew (1 in 380 000)
Stormrider (1 in 360 000)
Athena's Wrath (1 in 360 000)
Atma's Wail (1 in 320 000)
Hone Sundan (1 in 320 000)
Todesfaelle Flamme (1 in 300 000)
Blackleach Blade (1 in 280 000)
Baranar's Star (1 in 250 000) - I'm at 96% of finding it

Next goal: 90% total chance of finding Tyrael's Might/856 000 items/about 2750 pitruns

I want to ask something - what is the chance of findind Tyrael in game where Templar's Might dropped? Is it worth to clear all high level areas?

See you


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Most of use are using the new runcounter, as it is "allowed if it doesn't change the game files", which it doesn't.

I want to ask something - what is the chance of findind Tyrael in game where Templar's Might dropped? Is it worth to clear all high level areas?
No. I can't find my source on this atm, but if you find templars, and then find another unique sacred in the same game, there's an 8/9 chance it rolls triple dura rare (aka you can find two templars, just the second one will be a failed unique).


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Yeah, we have a video of Templar's and 3x dura SA drop in the same game, but it was achieved by changing the game files to force it to drop only unique SAs, so we probably can't post it here.