Holy Grail Berserker


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Thanks Mest on charm setup. My focus has been to bolster resists first and attack rating second, as secondary mods to MF. The more I play, the less I find high resists to be an issue though. A life bulb of 2,750 and a belt full of purples has a lot to do with that.

Ultimately, squeezing another 20+- MF out of my charms is of little consequence with my hork switch already at 620+-.

In classic d2 fashion, once Tyraels does drop, the second one will come on the next run.


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We pretty much agreed upon full vita build being the best way of building pitzerker. STR or DEX don't really make your runs that much faster and more life actually gives more in terms of runtimes improvements imo. During 1 pitrun, you swing about 20 times, so 1 swing here or there won't change that much, cause it's only 0,36s. Picking up full rejuvs takes more time than that. You can also teleport into some big group of mobs with some tough aura and getting out of that place can be painful with 2,3k life instead of 3,3k ^^ You also get into hit recovery less often with more life and considering the fact that you basically have 0 FHR, you don't want it to happen too often xD

If it comes to resists... With Highlord's setup you don't need that many res charms imo, cause you already gets 35 light res from the amulet. A little bit of cold res would be nice, cause some lightning/cold enchanted elites will hit hard, but you would really need some very high res to neutralize them... It's not worth it to go for more res, if you already go for more life imo. That's true if you want to get some good efficiency of course. If you just want to farm with him, without focusing too much, going for high res and life is very nice. You don't really need to loose that much mf to achieve that, especially since 1 mf breakpoint is like 15 mf at higher values, so you can swap half of your plain 7 mf SCS to some 6 mf ones with res and be happy ^^


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No Highlords, but I get a little lightning resist from this:

Shadow Heart
Required Level: 89
Fingerprint: 0xe58fd1ea
Item Level: 97
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Barbarian Skill Levels
+10% Faster Cast Rate
+20 to Mana
Regenerate Mana 7%
Lightning Resist +10%
Magic Damage Reduced by 2
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Re: charms. My typical approach is to max all (or nearly all) resists when grinding an area. Often that is because I use fragile toons with limited life (at least in relation to barb).

I only have a month or so into the pitzerker, but that same approach is clearly not needed. Tanky he is.

At this point I am just working on the balance between MF/resists and MF/AR. I have a pretty good (actually great) inventory of charms due primarily to LK to select from.


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Damn, that's a nice amulet.

Attack rating is probably one of the least important things i would care about on a pitzerker. Mainly cause you already have quite a lot of AR from putting over 100 points into DEX to use PB. It doesn't matter if you have 90% CTH against some mob or 92%. Pretty much all mobs in pits have 25% chance to block, so your chance to hit is lower from the start and investing more points to boost it would give you less than going for more life imo.

Original pitzerker approach was to boost your dps at the cost of survivability. It was working out well, but it turned out that pumping DMG and AR doesn't make that much of a difference. My priority list would look like this: LIFE/MF -> Mana/Res -> DMG/AR.


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Not to hijack the thread, but here is my small charm breakdown (30 + gheeds + cube + ID tome + gem):

4 Cold: +36% CR/27 MF
4 Poison: +35% PR/22 MF
4 Fire: +36% FR/23 MF
8 Light: +67LR/51 MF

5 Steel: 173AR/30 MF
2 Iron: 41AR/13 MF
3 Fine: 7Max Dam/58 AR/ 20MF

Avg MF per small charm: 6.2

Overall resists (w/ BO):
Fire: 15/40
Cold: 15/40
Light: 56/75+
Poison: 14/39

AR (Chance to Hit w/BO)
Bone Warrior: 87%
Dark Stalker: 95%
Dark Archer: 90%
Devilkin: 91%
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I finished this part. I was among 11 % of least lucky players. Now I'm among 10%
Also this just dropped. Meh
#22nd Templar


CoA #26 It's so bad I had to post stats


Double V drop


It's not M skin, not even bearfoot but it's good so I'll keep it.


Current Gheed is 117/40/15, the same skin




This is unexpected, I was lucky. Now I have 804% mf but my resistance is low. I stopped crafting things so I have more time. I'd probably never craft 35 mf amulet too.


Craft jewel


Sometimes game crashes but I see this bug for the first time


Next update - 895000 items/91%total chance for Tyrael. If I don't complete those 3050 pitruns in 1 month (till March 25th), I'll start updating every 0.5%.