holy freeze or fantacism?


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holy freeze or fantacism?

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of making a zealot.

I'm considering one of two possible builds but neither is in stone and if you have better suggestions i'd love to hear them!

Build A
20 fantacism
20 zeal
20 sacrafice
20 holy shield
20 definance

Build B
20 Holy Freeze
20 Resist cold
20 Zeal
20 Sacrafice
20 Holy Shield

I guess what i'm asking is if in SP and only using every day magic equipment which build is going to be more viable in hell soloing.



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Fanaticism generally is only more beneficial than the elemental auras if you have a very good, high-damage weapon, because it only give Enhanced Damage which is dependent on the base damage of your weapon.

In SP without all the amazing gear you might see elsewhere, I would definitely suggest you go with Holy Freeze, because the damage is based on aura level only and not on your weapon. The Freeze aura will also make life a bit easier for you, as enemies around you are slowed.

Holy Shock is also a viable option, it has a bigger damage output than Holy Freeze, and you only sacrifice the ability to slow enemies.


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What I'm making at present.

HF 20
RC 20
Zeal 1
HS 5
rest depends on which way I go.

Weapon Voice of Reason PB. I know all the talk about Rift but it's faster, has big damage and -CR with CBF.

Shield/Helm- I'm planning to use duel dreams with it and max RL and lastly salvation.

Nigma- STR +2 skills and Tele

Ammy/rings-I thought of angelic so I'd never miss anything. But might go Serphs (huge AR for monsters) and leach rings with res. Not sure yet.

Merc uses Infinity Nuff said. Not sure on def or AR merc though. Thinking Blessed aim is the way to go if I don't use angelics.


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ok so now the big question:

for a zealot which is the best aura: an elemental aura (i'm thinking more holy shock now...) or fantacism.

This assumes no importing of powerful items relying purely on MF.

My initial thought would be that in later stages of hell that holy shock will do next to nothing and the increased damage from fantacism would be a better choice.

Is this correct knowing that i'm only using in game MF's?


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Problem with HS is that immunes shut you down and there are many in hell. THere are less PI's so you might want to go Fant route. If you go that route you are completely reliant though on your weapon to succeed. If you have a little cash look into some of the unique elites. Most can be bought for PGEMS and they'll do the trick for ya. Stormlash might be ideal.


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He is in single player, so no elite uniques.

I would go holy freeze. Slowing them down is the same as attacking faster. With holy shock you lose that.


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In that case I'd say go Fant with a act 2 HF merc. You could always do this.

20 zeal
20 fant
20 HShock
5 HShiled
rest into Resist Light to up the Holy shock damage. You could use the shock to kill PI's


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I would go Holy Freeze because it slows them and at high enough levels you can have MASSIVE cold damage output. Especially if you pump up the synergies. And with a fast enough weapon and some crushing blow you can "own" hell! (From what I've heard.)

Then you can get an act 1 rouge (fire) for a 3rd element to your attacks against immunes. Give her an awesome fire damage bow (kuko?) done. he he I have not tried this yet, but I am planning on it very soon.

I hear the damage can get up in the THOUSANDS! (plural)

Just my thoughts.


-edited- Look at the Frost Zealot guide in the Strategy Compendium for an idea. This build is not item dependant at all.

Plus I was thinking, you could make up for your slow speed (not compared to most monsters of course) by shaeling a phase blade. The physical damage in this build won't really be important. Thanks.

-Reiper again


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thanks heaps for all your help.

would it be a powerful combination to max HS and its synergies and get an Act 2 Merc with HF instead :)

use zeal as a backup attack and some points in holy shield

Demonic Angel Rules

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Go with....
20 Fant
20 Zeal
20 Sacrifce
20 Holy Shield
20 Difence

HF merc OR mite merc you decide. Its kinda pointless making a HF zealer if all you want are the enimes frozen. Get a HF merc and there you go problem sovled.


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Yossarian's proposal works very well from personal experience, especially if you can get something like a Crescent Moon. Also great, since you're SP, is Zakarum's Hand (exceptional unique scepter)

+180-220% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+50% Damage To Undead
30% Increased Attack Speed
6% Chance To Cast Level 5 Blizzard On Striking
8% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Ignore Target's Defense
Regenerate Mana 10%
Heal Stamina Plus 15%
+2 To Holy Shock (Paladin Only)
+2 To Holy Freeze (Paladin Only)

ITD, 2 HS, good damage, IAS. Solid weapon. Most exceptional/unique swords and scepters are good for this too.


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but does HS damage become quite inferior in the later hell stages even when synergies are maxed?

or am i better off maxing fantacism even tho i am only doing SP and using magical items that i stumble across?

btw thanks so much for all this help :)