Holy fire pally w/ bow


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Holy fire pally w/ bow

Has anyone out there ever built a holy fire pally who uses ravenclaw bow? It shoots exploding arrows which carry over holy fire dmg over the radius of the shot. He is very strong early lvl pvm. but mainly just fun to play. it can also be used for early mf like doing norm runs for gull.


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Yes, enchant someone with rogue's and they can have a blast. Enchanting lvl 1s and racing with friends to go as far as you can is a good challenge.


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The reason that I like the pally is the radias of fire dmg which will kill enemies w/ you having to do anything.


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I've tried that ravenclaw ranger build before, and it is pretty fun in nm duels.
I suggest you try a shock ranger using Rogues Bow Composite bow for nm duels.

With 50 ias on the bow, 20 from twitch, and an additional 30 from either deaths or sigons combo, you shoot soooooo fast and it is really fun try to sniper someone off your screen.


I would like to add my slice of a comment in here, I tried a shock-ranger, put 5 into str at level 2 so I could use hsaurus gear to level to 20 and put 1 point into sacrafice just so I could actually level him.

After that I just dumped points into resist lightning and got the 3 prerequisits for holy shock. I was delighted that I gained +100 max lightning damage per level. I also was delighted by the 100 Increased Attack Speed, I was not however delighted by the fact that these superfast arrows could barely pierce a tissue.

Here was my gear;

Rogue Bow
Treads of Cython boots
Angelic Rings
Angelic Ammy
Death hand
Death sash

His resists were not amazing to say the very least.

My problem was ATTACK RATING, the arrows just COULD not pierce armor, the only people who took massive damage was sorc's with weak gear holding a large staff.

I gave up by about level 26. He couldn't kill cows and he couldn't duel well. I was disappointed.