Holy Bolter? (SP)


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Holy Bolter? (SP)

Okay, so I wanted to play a little different build, and use it for MF-ing in the Mausoleum. I've started a Holy Bolter, but have a hard time to settle with what to use against non-undeads. I've got ~25 skill points to spend, since 60 is going to HB and syncs, and ~10 to prereqs and Holy Shield. I've thought of these alternatives:

Fanaticism, using a Buriza: This has the advantage of needing no sync, and boosting my merc's damage as well. Also I have a spare buriza, saving me the work to find a weapon.

Holy Freeze, using an up-upped wizendraw: This is good because the HF is nice also when using HB, for it's slow. However, I'm afraid the damage will be a little low, since I can't sped that many points in Resist Cold and Wizendraw doesn't do that much damage in itself. Also it requires me to go countessing for a pul -.-

Concentration, using Blessed Hammer (which will be maxed since it's a sync to HB): This will boost my merc greatly, but my damage will be quite low since I can't sync it anything.

Prayer, and items that summons minions: Prayer gives a 15% healing bonus to HB, and if I equip enough items that summon minions (that Iron Golem amu comes into mind, got one somewhere even), I may be able to heal them. This could work against act bosses, but I fear they won't have the ability to stand against huge mobs.

Are there any other better ways of dealing with the living enemies? Observe that I play single player, and as such am quite limited in equipment, and particulary high-end runewords.

Got any ideas?


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though you might want to ask this in SPF?
Anyway, I can tell you the Holyfreeze might not works...
My holyfreeze paladin with 20 in holyfreeze, 10 in cold resists, the damage + my weapon is rought around xxx-900++.
He still in NM act2... the killing speed is not enough in Hell, unless you can add on some CB to his equip.


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how about maxing holy shock? it helps synergizing foh (which is a synergy of hb)..
i've been toying with e idea of building a holy bolt paladin, but no time to play it..
but wad i hv in mind is dis..
max holy bolt, max foh, max holy shock, max resist lightning.. rest in pre-req, holy shield/blessed hammer
undead --> hb
mobs/bosses --> foh
non-undead --> zeal with holy shock, muz use itd weapons tho..
hand of blessed light with crescent moon (relatively ok runes) on switch seems suited for dis build=)


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The cheapest hell-viable killing strategy available to a Paladin is the "Conviction Zealot" route. It only requires 30 skill points to complete max out.

Conviction Zealot = 20 points in Conviction, 4 points in Zeal (you can get away with less if you have enough +skills to hit slvl 25 Conviction and slvl 4 Zeal). Equip a high-elemental damage weapon (Rift, Voice of Reason, and Gimmershreds are the three best choices- VoR in particular is very affordable on a limited budget). Turn on conviction and Zeal, and watch in amazement as enemies just fall over dead well into Hell.

If you ever build a Paladin and need a secondary attack that requires very few skillpoints, Conviction Zealot is the way to go. It's also IM-proof (assuming you socket in low-damage weapons, since VoR and Rift offer no %ED), and has phenominal chance to hit (since Conviction lowers enemy defense).

Play as a Conviction Zealot through 90% of the game, and then turn into a Holy Bolt Machine Gun in undead-crazy areas like the Mausoleum.


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Instead of people just giving ideas, how about you hear from someone who actually has this build .. and almost at patriarch (that means past LOTS of non-undead) my pally is currently level 84, maxed holy bolt and the synergies of blessed hammer and FoH.

at level 32 i do 8358-9450 and for just under 4 mana per shot. it rips the crap out of pindle as well. for the undead areas i have sanctuary on, .. so even if you get mobbed, sanctuary knocks them back.

ok for the non undead, use conviction + FoH (which you have already maxxed for holy bolt damage), my conviction is on level 28, FoH at 32,

this means 1355-1405 (and the -150% LR from conviction) means any act bosses can be chopped allowing you to move onto the next lot of undead. (btw the holy bolts from that FoH does 2568-2608). holy bolt is for a caster build, dont piss about with melee/ranged, you need another caster attack and FoH does JUST that.

so yeah, get the build going, go hard in the undead areas (btw hell chaos sanctuary was never so much fun for a non melee pally) the knights/ghost thingys die very easily .. balrogs go down with a bit of time.

have lots of fun with this, this is my highest and one of my favourite builds in progress. once my merc is built up i'm going to attack the ancients, then get pat .. and back to pindle to mid 90ish