hol da do!


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hol da do!

Well, it happened to me again this morning. I was coming into the side door at work when I noticed this lady a good ways behind me. She was exactly at the distance where I was really unsure whether to hold the door for her or not.

For those unaware, there is a distinct point where holding the door for a lady turns from "being a gentleman" to "looks desparate" and when a woman is right at that borderline it's sometimes difficult to make the call. To compound the problem, you have little time to make this decision. Once you commit you can't change your mind and let the door slam in her face. Doesn't matter if she drops something, has to adjust her panty hose or just feels the need to walk in slow motion. You're stuck holding the door until she finally decides to walk through it and releive you of your duty.

So, for those gentlemen out there, what is the distance you are willing to wait for? Is it 10'? 20'? 50'? Where do you draw the line and say to yourself "meh, she isn't THAT cute"?


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If she is the kind of girl who accepts people opening doors and you know her, always wait if you make eye contact or if she is within 15'. If she is a stranger, 10' if eye contact, flow of traffic otherwise.

My method has a 72.7% pleased look approval rating.



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I think it depends if the door will be fully closed by the time she gets too it or not.

If she has to leap forward and chance getting her fingers jammed then it's not right to let the door go. If you have to stand like a lemon for 30 seconds then it's not right too do so.

I think if you have to pause briefly to let her through then you should.

Hard to judge sometimes for sure as some doors have that damn stupid slow close thing at the top (in that case kick the door in, she'll think your all manly and strong!).



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It's not the distance to the door, but the time to the door. For me, it's around 3 seconds, if she's gonna get through the frame in 3 seconds or less, I'll hold the door. I hold it for most anybody too, if I hear someone behind me, I'll hold it without seeing the person.

There are two exceptions to the rule though. If they yell for me to hold it, I"ll hold it until they get through, or if they are carrying a ton of stuff, I'll hold it so they don't have to put something down to get it open.


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if they can make it to the door before it would of shut if i had of let it go i'll hold it. if not then meh. tis their own problem. although i am more likely to increase my door holding time for little old ladies(the kind that really struggle with doors, people with lots of things, someone i know and hot chicks)


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Freet said:
For those unaware, there is a distinct point where holding the door for a lady turns from "being a gentleman" to "looks desparate" and when a woman is right at that borderline it's sometimes difficult to make the call.
See, I hold the door for everyone, when I'm not out slaying dragons. And I usually guage it by whether the door frame would break the nose of the next person, or how free their hands are. But I find it pretty sad that courtesy has been so sublimated to hot steamy flirtation in this country. If I hold the door for Freet, why does that have to mean nowadays that I'm trying to jump his bones?

This mentality sickens me, and I don't mean Freet's view, I mean the attitude itself, which is commonly held. My wife used to accuse me of wearing rose-colored glasses, since the fact that I wasn't in the neverending-chasing-skirt mode that so many men are directly impacted the way I dealt with women. I never realized just how whorish our society has become until I mistakenly went to a supermarket on what turned out to be 'singles night'. Singles night! At a freakin' supermarket!

Sigh. Growing up overseas as a Christian terrorist had some definite advantages, because I never had to clutter my mind with this filth. Of course, I didn't get laid either, because I didn't play these games in the first place.


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If the person is close enough that they can reach the door close enough behind me, then the door stays open. But if they're just far away enought hat I can pretend I don't notice them there, then I just keep going.


I say as long as she has arms with hands at the end, she can get her own damn door.

Seriously….I give it not a feet range but a time range. A 15 foot range can be covered in a few seconds by someone on a mission or a few minutes by someone that is in no hurry to get anywhere and possibly doesn’t know where they are going or even where they are. So……..I tend to go with a 5 second rule, plus or minus 3, depending on how hot she is. You can usually judge based on how they are walking up to you about how long it will take them. Now if the door will be completely closed before they make it to it, then it is ok to let it shut but if will still be open some then that generally means the wait on your part would not be that long and holding it would be ok.


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It is a ratio of Hawtness to Distance.

If she is a member of the Swedish Bikini Team I would say 300 Yards.... 500 If she is currently wearing a bikini. :thumbsup:

Oh and I am old school so if elderly or handicapped I will hold for as long as needed.

For dudes I will hold the door open only to avoid it smaking em in the soup cooler if thier hands are full.

So did you actually hold the door open for her freet?
Personally, if im in a rush, i might not hold the door for someone close, if i have nothing better to do / she's good looking, i'll hold it open for as long as she wants me to.
I hold the door open for anyone who's close enough to have the door slam in their face or risk crushing digits trying to keep it from slamming on them. If it's a slow door, that means I wait for those who are further away. If it's a door that shuts fast, I'll only hold it if they're a few steps away.

And man or woman, it matters not. Unless she's a bikini-clad, card-carrying member of the Swedish Bikini Team, of course.


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Here's what I'll do in this situation: If the woman is kind of at that borderline, I'll go in the doorframe but leave my arm propping the door open (this works best if there's that metal bar horizontal across the middle of the door). Then I'll make eye contact with the person in question. If she speeds up at all to make it inside the door, then so much the better. If she just kind of continues or doesn't look up, I'll continue on my merry way and let it close. Solved!


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To determine door-holding time, I use a formula that incorporates several factors.

max # of seconds to hold door = 2 + G[(Attractiveness of woman from 1-100)/10] + (1/Distance from door in m) + (Age of person/40)

where G=0 if the person is male, or 1 if the person is female.


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See I must be different..where as this thread is to decide how long to wait to hold open the door...I decide how much time do I have to hurry up and hold the door closed from the other side...laughing like the space monkey in StarWars-ROTJ.
And now that the kids are learning this...my gift has passed, and its time to move into the gentlemens bathroom...mumuhaha!

j/k of course.
I'm married, I hold the door only for older people, kids, and military/police type people. And the usual distance is probably 15 feet. Tho if I see a wheelchair coming, and their alone....I will hold the door open for however long there is needed.


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I just rip the door off its hinges. Problem solved!

Seriously, though, about 10 meters or so is the outer limit for me. Anything beyond that and you're going to end up making the person jog to get to you more quickly, and they'll be all apologetic about it. I don't want an apology; a "thank you" is the phrase I should be getting out of this deal.

Well, that and hot hot sex with Freet, despite jmervyn's whining. :p