Hoadric Malus Imbue (Act 1)


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Hoadric Malus Imbue (Act 1)

Hi pros & noobs :)

I have a few basic questions regarding the "Tools of the Trade" quest (Act 1), which allows you to imbue an item with the blacksmith's hammer as a reward.

1. Can I save this until Act 2 if I can't find something worth using it on?

2. In your opinion, what is the best time to use it, and on what type of equipment?

3. Can I only use this on a normal item? (ie. no blue stats or sockets) I can't remember...

So, that's all I need to know. Thanks in advance for replies :thumbsup:


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1) yes, u can use this quest reward whenever u want. same goes for the socketting quest.

2) use it on circlets, diadems and hope for a sick fcr helm.

3) u can use this on white items only.


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Ditto what gorash said, but you will probably want to save that quest until you're well advances (like lvl 85 or even in the 90s). What you get is dependant on what your character can use, so if you use the quest when you're low level, you'll only get a low level item that you'll chunk in just a while.

The best plan is to save up those quest and keep your eyes out for the circlets or diadems. Those can achieve high mods like +2/3 skills and resists. If you get lucky and roll one of those you can use it forever or sell it for some nice runes.