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Work is slow. Forums are slow. Hell, even chat is slow.

It's gonna be a long Friday. :undecided:


Tell me about it, I got to work and started to wave link a part from one CAD file to another only to have after 45 minutes of sitting and watching the Customer come in with a CD with all new data. The data is different enough that the surfacing work I've done for the past 2 weeks is pretty much crap, I can use maybe 60% of the past work. That added to the fact I'm still trying to finish translating one of the files from CatiaV5 to NX3 after nearly 2 hours has told me that for a Friday today sucks. I need a vacation , if only I didn't have to wait until January for my new 3 weeks to start. Oh well gues i work on other boring things.


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You folks had best start talking. If not you will leave me no choice but to start necromancing threads.

You don't want to be responsible for that, do you?
Oh boy, now you've done it... Freet, take a deep breath and stand back from that dead thread. Nobody is going to hurt you, and nobody is going to make you do something you don't want to.


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I just made up a batch of green beans with bacon and onion.

A big old serving of that is sure to prevent any buns from rising...ffffrrrreeeettt!


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Skip out of work go party, hit the bars early. Im waiting for a nice night of being with friends and being lazy, its been a long week.
You know you are almost flirting with the principle or the professor, think George and Clare
Freet is no Uncle George and if you're thinking of me and also thinking of Aunt Claire, then you, sir, are a sicko. The Love Calculator was right about us!!!!