hmm, interesting weapon


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hmm, interesting weapon

its sad that its only a quhab, but if someone would want to squander the runes to elite it i think it would have nice dmg.

"Gale Bite" quhab
42-94 dmg
clvl 48

286% ED
+2 max dmg
ignore targets defence
+118 AR
21 psn dmg over 4 secconds
+12% cold resist

got it off hell countess along with a *shudders* eth rune lol


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don't think its worth upgrading
anything over 300ed is worth it though

its missing ias, or leech or something good...
ITD is good, just not....


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yeah, thats what i was thinking too.
if only it came elite, then it would be very nice rather than nice lol