Hiya. Old school D2 player here.


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Hiya. Old school D2 player here.

Hiya, i quit a little bit after LoD came out, and im thinking of coming back. My main character used to be a firewall Sorc. Now ive heard firewall has been nerfed, is that true?

Also- are meph runs still good for MF runs?



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memmo is my favorite for runs, since you can do about 10 runs in 20 minutes!

What I do is, I do tower run in act I in order to try to get keys/runes, and also since the "experience enhancer" can be found easily in black marsh.

After this I go to act V (with the experience blob above me) and enter teleport nr 1. Go north and south and you will be able to kill 2 unique monsters and gain quite some experience.

After this, I go and do a memmo run. All this takes 5 minutes or so, and covers A. MF'ing, B. Key hunting, C, Rune hunting and D. Experience boosting. I can do 12 such runs an hour.

As for the firewall question...well my sorc is a frozen orb/meteor...and it requires skill, or a good tank in front of you, not to be KIA when comes to big groups of monsters. Firewall has been nerfed.


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Pure blizzard, or Meteor/fireball/orb, or blizzard/fireball sorcs do pretty well against Meph. Check out the guides in the sorc forum! =)


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Since you've never played LoD, you may wish to check the Classic section, since that's where you can find info about Diablo 2 without LoD.

The above replies didn't take into account that you've never played LoD. You might not even have it.

Welcome back. :)


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Mephisto is a constant source of decent drops to get you started (and even more with enough perseverance). It sure was, still is, and will be a great item provider through the Ladder seasons :thumbsup: !


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I always find it a pain to get through all the catacombs and down to the durance.

Just my experience. But meph dropped a lot of good stuff for me, even in nightmare (t-gods, ali-baba)