Have you ever? Either way - picking up someone or needing a ride.

I was driving yesterday with my girls, and a little old guy was hitchhiking. If I am by myself, I'll occasionally pick someone up that needs a ride. I will not if my wife/kids are with me. (I know that there is a discrepancy in my logic there). So I drove by the guy. He looked real close at me, then flipped me the bird when I didn't stop.

Aside from feeling a bit sad (I know the feeling of needing a ride), it kind of irked me that he would flip me off.

There are quite a few interesting encounters that I've had with hitchhikers (none bad), which got me wondering if I am just a real old-timer now, by thinking that it can still be an acceptable practice.

Just to add, I know that bad things have happened to people, from both ways, however I live in a fairly rural area. Although there is still the possibility of it being a "bad" person, I still want to believe in basic goodness in people. Don't bother telling me I'm an idiot for doing so. :wink3:


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I think you did right, never take any risks with your children on board, if the guy was just standing there, no prob.

If he was bleeding, and a car was on fire about 10 yards further, I'd stop, but if someone was hitchhiking, I'd never stop, even if I were alone, you never know what you allow in your vehicle.

For all you know he might be a serial killer or something?

EDIT: I'm not a bad person either, I'll help wherever I can, but when it's too fishy or looks suspicious, I'd rather be safe than sorry.
I'm more of a public helper, if someone falls or drops stuff, or forgets money or his/her items orso.
Or if someone I know needs help with something for school, or doing a chore, or needs a good talk/advice etc.

Remember the hug guy? Well, even if it were a hot girl giving free hugs on the street, I'd be reluctant, I'm overcautious by nature (depending how hot she is, I might be lured into it anyway though :rolleyes: )
I've picked up two hitchhikers, the first was a teenage girl (who I lectured on 'not taking rides from strange men' [which made me feel really old]) and the second was some drunk guy walking home from a bar in -10 Fahrenheit temperatures. He offered me $100 as compensation, but I refused.


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I have never seen a hitchhiker that didn't look like a hobo. Hobos round here aren't exactly the most stable of people. They also don't smell like roses.

I have worked at a soup kitchen, but that is about all the charity I have given to the homeless community.


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in some states its illegal to hitchhike

my dad picked up someone when we were on our back from moose hunting in colorado, we had a riffle and other hunting gear in the cab and a dead moose in the box, the guy was looking around really nervous and then asked to be droped off in the next town about 5mi away

Evrae Altana

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I have never hitchhiked before, and I have never picked up a hitchhiker before. Not that I see many of them.


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i would never do either
too many negative stigmas attached to it, and I'm not one to take those kind of risks...even if it's a minimal one. You just never know.


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ive rarely seen people hitchhike.

it doesnt seem to be too common in America.

when i visited Israel on the other hand- everyone hitchhikes, and everyone pickes up hitchhikers.

thats my story, lol.


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If I drove, I would pick up hitchhikers when I was alone, or when I had certain friends in my car with me - and that includes if I were travelling with the woman I am currently interested in, since I know she's fine with hitchhikers as well, and she can kick a lot more *** than I can.

I wouldn't hitchhike, personally - though I have considered biking from Toronto to Tennessee before. That's a full day trip on the Greyhound... kinda glad I didn't bike it.


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I did once, but then I got caught, forced to listen to poetry and shot out the airlock. Good thing for the Improbability Drive.


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I got picked up a few times, nice people too. I retured the favor after my car was back out of the shop and met a few people I still talk with, can't say I'm helping very much here...


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I did once, but then I got caught, forced to listen to poetry and shot out the airlock. Good thing for the Improbability Drive.
glad you didnt loose your guide book :wink3:


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I probably would not pick up a hitchhiker.

You just never know what could happen - and with your children in the car, I think you made the right call.


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I plain out dont trust any strangers. I wish I lived in a world where I could, but I dont.

I once ran out of gas and walked a 1/2 mile to a gas station. A guy in line herd me tell the cashier this and offered me a ride back to my truck. Very nice guy, and I know good people like him outnumber the bad, but I spent the whole ride making smalltalk and "planning" my escape should something happen.


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Dawnmaster said:
For all you know he might be a serial killer or something?
For all you know it can be anyone, anywhere! Even your own family! Better get them before they get you!
[/paranoid rant]

Oh please. There are several valid reasons why one should picky with the hitchhikers, but the wild concept of that they might somehow have higher odds of being after your backside, than, say, the lorry driver behind you who might mow you off the road at any given time, is not, imo, one of them.

I personally offer the lift at any given chance. I pass them by only if they're going off my route. Or if they're dumb enough to be hitchiking, say, in a ramp, where you just plain can't stop.