Hit me...whats best??


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Hit me...whats best??

Gonna make myself a paladin.

Hammerdin or Avenger or Zeal/Fana or FoH .....

whats best for regular PvM and mf runs


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hammerdin is the best for pvm, u can kill stuff with almost no ekip eheh, using rendemption for life and mana "reg"
zeal/fana can be really good, but u need a great equip
foh is really sucky for pvm in my view


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Geeze, another "wat build is best".. what a shocker.

Pardon that comment, if you have no gear at all, and no budget for this character, make a frost zealot or a tesladin. I have a hybred of those two who's fairly stacked with crushing blow and nothing lives for long against him. You really do need good gear for a zeal/fanat pally, but the tesla and frost zealot rely on their auras for damage.


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FX-Amanda said:
well equipment aint any problem...i'm rich enuff for any gear
Then definately go Hammerdin, as he can kill quicker, there is only one thing immune to the hammers, and you do not MF those temples in kurast anyways..

And sacrifice skills and damage for MF will not slow you down too much. You can easily get 6-7k damage and 400+% Mf (and this is without combat charms)