Hippolyta... my very first matriarch


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Hippolyta... my very first matriarch

After a long and difficult journey, I finally managed to kill Hell Baal for the first time. Hippolyta, my strafer, is my first matriarch. She was the very first character I created when I brought D2 home on Day One. There was never any forethought into her "build". She is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Consequently, she isn't really built for Hell so she is heavily-twinked.

Originally, she was played as a cold archeress (not sure what this build is really called) but she evolved into a strafer when CI became problematic. She occasionly switches to a javelin/shield combo when the situation calls for it (usually when she really needs extra resists or lightning is especially viable).

She first took on Baal at level 83 but I gave up after burning through 20 full rejuvs and had barely scratched him. She tried again at level 84 with pretty much the same results. At level 85, I decided that I was going to take my time and play smarter. I realized that the festering appendages were my biggest enemy. They were deadly and distracted her strafing. She could stand toe-to-toe with Baal and bang away with her javelin as long as she avoided the appendages. She still burned through many, many potions, TP scrolls, and gold but after 2-3 hours, Baal finally keeled over and Seishinkan finally got to do the mat/pat victory dance.

I have been playing her for a long time. Only a couple of incidents really stand out in my memory about her. First, I remember how thrilled I was when she found Lycander's Aim in NM Act I. I don't think any of my other chars have found a unique class-specific that they can actually use. Hippolyta used the Aim until she got her Windforce somewhere in Hell mode. And second, I knew that she was under-powered. She was escorted through the NM Ancients and Baal by a friend's paladin in MP. Unfortunately, he really doesn't play anymore so he wasn't available to provide the same service in Hell. I was shocked when she defeated the Hell Ancients on her first attempt. Looking back now, I realize that I was just lucky that they spawned without any killer mods.

Current stats (with equipment):
Level: 85
Strength: 181
Dexterity: 173
Vitality: 154 (Stamina: 302, Life: 823)
Energy: 138 (Mana: 540)

Primary attacks:
Strafe: 129-1413
Charged strike: 395-1422, 1-182 (on weapon switch)

Resists in Hell (bow-ouch!, javelin)
Fire: -64, -36
Cold: -21, 7
Lightning: -32, -4
Poison: 26, 54

Andariel's Visage
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Dracul's Grasp
Thundergod's Vigor
War Traveler
Nagelring/Rare (+life, +mana, cold resist, fire resist, poison length reduced)
Thunderstroke/Tiamat's Rebuke (on weapon switch)
Gheed's Fortune and other charms (+life, +mana, +resists, +damage)

Skill point allocation (with + skills)
Jab - 5
Power Strike - 5
Poison Javelin - 5
Impale - 5
Lightning Bolt - 5
Charged Strike - 5
Plague Javelin - 5
Fend - 5
Lightning Strike - 8
Lightning Fury - 8

Inner Sight - 5
Critical Strike - 11
Dodge - 11
Slow Missiles - 5
Avoid - 10
Penetrate - 12
Decoy - 5
Evade - 8
Valkyrie - 14
Pierce - 10

Magic Arrow - 6
Fire Arrow - 5
Cold Arrow - 5
Multiple Shot - 6
Exploding Arrow - 7
Ice Arrow - 7
Guided Arrow - 5
Strafe - 13
Immolation Arrow - 7
Freezing Arrow - 14

Mercenary - Khan:
Crow Caw
Magic Fury Visor (enhanced defense, +life)

Sint Nikolaas

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Seishinkan said:
She was escorted through the NM Ancients and Baal by a friend's paladin in MP. Unfortunately, he really doesn't play anymore so he wasn't available to provide the same service in Hell.
Would you've wanted him to help even though you proved yourself you can do it on your own?

:thumbsup: nice zon, seriously, spreading the skills can be bad, but it worked so...


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I agree. I'm sort of surprised you were able to mat her, but then I see your gear. :D GJ on the mat! :thumbsup:


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You rock.

There's nothing like persistence... and I have nothing like it. :lol: I figure I'd have two or three level 99s by now if I could just stick with my characters, instead of a handful of level 50's and a zillion that I gave up on before 18...