highest dmg eth cb

highest dmg eth cb

hey i was just wondering wut the highest dmg possible would be on a etheral colossus blade
also can it be eth superior ??



The highest damage on a rare is probably is combination of two prefices:

1) Cruel: 200% - 300% ED

2) Master's: 100 - 150% ED

That'll give you a maximum of 450% ED on a weapon, that can potentially also be Ethereal. The odd of this happening in the game are astronomical. I hate to say it but if you have a Zod (you'll need one for a 450% ED Ethereal rare anyways), you best bet is to make a BotD and hope for close to 400% ED. The other mods on the BotD will probably edge out any rare weapon.
crap sry i didnt mention that it has to be a normal one (not rare / uniq / magic)

oh yea and list if u are talking about 1 habd dmg or 2 hand dmg


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superor can max have 15 ed

well if u gone do botd , and whant really good ed try 2 trade a eth superior , which has 15% ed and make botd and hope for 400 ed +15=415 ed is nice lol

and 15 % is max a superior can have