Highest Defense Armor


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Highest Defense Armor

Is this the highest defense armor in the game that won't break? I know an ethereal superior sacred stone armor could beat it but that isn't very pratical to use.

Anyways here's my armor.


What would be the top three choices for the highest defense on a helm?


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ethereal godly sacred armour of self repair "PulPul", could be up to 3240 def if my numbers are right


DANG that is some damn good armor like u said yes a sup eth sacred plate could beat it (i got a 3500 def 1 :clap: )
but the only thing its good for is a merc


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As for helms, I have a 451 def Delirium superior (15% Enhanced Defense) Corona, but I'm sure thats probably a far cry from the top since I think at least a couple unique helms have higher defense (Veil of Steel I think for one).


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Ethereal Sacred Stone Armour, it is a very good armour for a defiance merc. but then again good luck getting those str requirements up on that merc.