High School Grads keepin in touch...


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High School Grads keepin in touch...

Hey guys...

Me and my buddies are looking for an easy way to keep in touch while we all go our seperate ways. Three are going into the military, one is already in the airforce... (these are like my close friends, like 8 of them) and some are going/already in college far far away.

Anyways... enough ********... I was thinking of something like a messege board system? a free online one where everyone has a username and can post stuff up for everyone to read (you know like a private one). Just so we can check it every couple of weeks and post any new phone numbers or addresses and stuff. I used to know of a couple but I don't remember the addys... and i searched google and all I found was links to forums and stuff... any suggestions???

Thanks in advance...


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classmates.com, but you have to pay. I'm sure your high school has an alumni page doesn't it?


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ok, these aren't exactly private, but you can create your own "blog ring" for your class or group of friends. Basically, its like an online journal (a web site) and everyone can keep one and post messages and comments so its not a forum
You can't stop people from viewing your sites but you can place your webring in an obscure category that you think no one will look into.


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Set up a Yahoo group (groups.yahoo.com). You can choose to get messages delivered as email or to just go look at them online; you also get like 30MB of space there to store photos and whatnot.


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The old version is open messageboard, but the new one allows you to set up user accounts and essentially privatize it and all.. and it's free..

Or Yahoo!Groups as recommended by Durf.