Magical Trevor

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sorry if this is the wrong forum to post my introduction. Hi there im magical trevor you can just call me Trev yes i dissapear cows adn stuff like as you know. i play on US West not on LOD ( at the moment ) i have 5 characters

Barbarian - lvl 42
Necromancer - lvl 27
Paladin - lvl 15
Amazon - lvl 20
Sorceress - lvl 14

My account name is Magical-Trever i really wish to fit in with this website :grin:


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Hello and welcome! :wave:

Don't forget to read the forum rules, and enjoy your stay!


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You got a screenshot from the game saved onto your computer? Then proceed like this:

-Upload the picture to a site hosting images, like www.imageshack.us
-Post the link you get
Voila! :azn: