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My name is john and im from the philippines...

Im working here in saudi arabia for about 2 years now and i just got my expansion upgrade.

thanx for the info guys...i had a litl prob with my cd a few days ago but it ok now.

more power...


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Welcome to the SPF!

How's Saudi Arabia going for you? My wife's cousin is going somewhere close (Kuwait) to teach for awhile and she's both excited and worried. She's not sure how things will work out.


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Hi there! Welcome to the forums. Check out the FAQ up top, its not just boring stuff. Lots of useful information about 1.10 that gets asked alot... you know, like a frequently asked question! :p Hope your stay is long and marred with green and burlywood.


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Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay:) Hope you'll love the expansion as much as everyone else does!


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Another Filipino!
That makes 4, if I'm not mistaken.
Welcome to THE forum!
Musta na?! Maayos ba ang buhay sa Saudi? :)
(trans: How are you?! Is your life in Saudi Arabia okay?)



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SPF ni yôkoso (welcome to the SPF) ^-^! Ah, before I foget.

*kick disturbeddsa friendly in the shins*

In the absence of our main shinckickers... This is a dirty job, but someone has to do.

Just for curiosity: How do you say welcome in arabian?


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Glad to see you could join us :p Welcome! Enjoy this goodie basket of baked goods and squid repelant. Tell us more about yourself: What takes you to KSA? How old are you? wife and kids? and enjoy your stay.

ps. don't mind the shin kicks, they're just a tradition, one of the odder ones if you ask me.


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well for starters...Afuwn stands for welcome and shukran means thank you

well, im working here in KSA as a male nurse. And i married just a year ago so still no kids yet.

It took me almost 2 years to get a copy of diablo 2 game and it really pissed me of. you see guys, back home i used to play diablo 2 and it was great. Being here in KSA is kinda boring.
No bars, no liquor and u cant hang out with any gurl unless that gurl is your wife... :lol:

But it still cool...