Hi Y'all,
I'm a new user here. I was given my brothers account when he moved out he said he used to post here and I should ask people here for help. He gave me his computer and everything. I just wanted to come and introduce my self. Say 'Hi' sorry for any gramar mistakes or spelling mistakes as I don't normaly speak english.



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hi. enjoy your stay. don't be afraid to ask questions. that's what this forum's for. :thumbsup:


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Hell-O! As I like to say..
Welcome to this Diablo-paradise where you'll find the answers to everything you want to know :worship:
And don't worry about grammar mistakes, as long as we can understand what you're saying.. :lol: (I don't normally speak english either, I live in Finland :drool: )


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Welcome travis...you'll find lots of great info here, and due the great rules (which you should read along with the FAQ) you don't have to worry about getting flamed for asking a question that is easy to someone who has played the game a couple thousand times. There are great forums for specific characters as well, and those are extremely helpful with building a good one. Enjoy your stay.


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Welcome Welcome!

Be sure to check out all of the other forums as well, (breif and good natured warning, dont mention D2 in the Off-Topic forum like I did on my first post! it's againt the rules)

These forums are a great place for info, good people, and interesting conversations.

Rock on and welcome again.


\m/ o_O \m/


Hi Travis

Welcome to the forums. Take a look around to see which DII forums we have, also explore those links at the top of the page to other information.

Nice folk far outweigh not so nice folk so you should have a good stay here. :lady: