Hi To All


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Hi To All

Hi Everyone,
My name is " Daillew ", Short for Dai LLewellyn. Im from Northeast England and im 34. Im pretty new to Diablo LOD and Diabloii.net. I made the mistake of starting in MP and found it a bit hard, so i am starting again in SP until i get a bit more XP. This forum is extremly cool and helpfull and im sure i'll be back for advice time and again.
.:eek:O Daillew Oo:.
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welcome to the SPF!!

i would recomend the fishymancer (necromancer with skellies)

you can find a guide to it in one of the stickied threads above


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as i already said, welcome :uhhuh: to the SPF

i must agree with SnakeEye, a fishymancer is basiclly the best char to begin with, its a necromancer with an army of skeleton warrior which he backs up with a good amount of curses..
works great :thumbsup:



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welcome to the forums :)

Guides for all 1.10 SP suitable PvM builds can be found in the SPF FAQ thread, or through the link in my signature (links to the same post). Personally I'd recommend the hammerdin as it's more powerful than the fishymancer/skellymancer in that it can solo 8 player games faster. Fishymancer's better for HC as it's a safer build. As for the most fun build, for me it's the zealot and always has been.

Your own choice really :)


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Hiya Daillew,

welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay here, check out the FAQ and the EMB.

The fishymancer can be taxing to older computer systems. For those cases I can also recommend the MeteOrb Sorc. You can get her to NM Meph untwinked without any problems and start serious Meph runs then for more items.

Liter Soul

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If you're looking for Normal and Nightmare, not Hell difficulty, I'd suggest a Blizzard sorc. Until you get to Act 5 Nightmare, there is pretty much nothing that can stop you and the damage is incredible. If you're looking to go for Hell difficulty with that first character, then I'd suggest the sorceress (I prefer Hydra over Meteor myself). Not very gear-dependant, mobile, powerful, etc.

Welcome. If you try one of the builds and they don't work, blame Durf.


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Kikoo and Welcome :howdy:

I think we have a winner! He has THE sexiest avatar I have seen in the SFP so far.

Fishymancer all the way, can't go wrong with that build.


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hi daillew, grats on making to the forum, we mp here too but over tcp/ip check out the weekly mp thread.

i'm sorry you're from the northeast, it must be hard for you, but i have been there and if you wanna talk about anything, mining, shipyards, thatcher, PM me i can be there for you. :D


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Welcome aboard :howdy: . The fishymancer or sorceress (of a couple different builds are always fun) I hope you realize you're an addict now...don't try to fight it, just accept it. :p Read through to FAQs and look at all the different build strategies...you'll find one that suits your playing style.


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welcome to the forum.

I don't agree with the fishimancer to start, it is easy to play but not fun.

Start With a paladin (zealot) or a bowazon. I think it's the best for a beginning, they don't need great items, easy to play and fun at first levels.

after you should start a sorceres, FO and fire skill, the best in NM, only one problem is to reach level 30 to obtain FO.

after all is open, fishi , trapassassin , hammerdin ....


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Heh, Aphex Twin fan, aren't ya?

While I have a fishymancer myself, don't listen too much to the din. Fishymancers are just the fad of the moment, there are several other far more funny necromancer builds out there and even whole other character classes that are loads of fun.

Most players play "fishies" in order to get a lot of initial wealth (they are good magic finders) for other more interesting builds.

Your name looks rather welsh, doesn't it? Do you pronounce the "ll" in your last name with that weird welsh consonant sound, or just as an ordinary "l"?


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Thanks For The Advice

Thanks for all the advice, Im going to start two games one with fishymancer and one with Blizzard sorc. Randy are you a tory mp by any chance ( most of them are randy and get in a lot of trouble for it :lol: ) What's wrong with my Avatar, i only took that picture this morning, i admit i need a shave but im quite a cutie without the stubble. A few new teeth, a shave and maybe some eye's and i'd have proposal's posted on here in no time. Indemaijinj it probably should be pronounced weird and welsh but i'm common and geordie. Thanks again guy's i'll be back for more i'm sure. Best of luck all, Have Fun.