Hi there!


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Hi there!

Hi, I am new to both Diablo, and this forum! Well, I really like diablo (and I am becoming a bit of a diabloid). Well, I hope you dont hate new people! And this place really seems to have a lot of information! My character is really bad, so i might have to start over.

...So, who are the godly people here whom i should bow down and worship?


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Let me be the first to welcome you here to our humble forums.

Firstly, we all like diablo, if we didn't then we wouldn't be here.

Secondly, no, we do not hate new people, we only hate new people who are immature and think themselves as "godly".

Thirdly, do not think your character is really bad, more often than not, these types of characters turn out to be non-cookie cutter builds, often called variants which can be salvaged. If however, you do wish to remake your character, do not be afraid to ask for assistance. People here are very nice...if you ask the right questions in the right place. You should consult the Strategy Compendium first, just in case the question you want to ask has already been answered.

Finally, I don't think anyone here would call themselves "godly". There is no need to bow down and worship a complete and total stranger. However, it would do good to respect other people here.

If you wish to ask for any assistance regarding character builds etc, your questions would be better served in the forum for that character. Any items to trade should be advertised in the trade forums. Item valuations, in the trade values forum....I think you get the pattern here :p

Anyway, a reminder, always, and I mean always, read the rules first to avoid getting in trouble.


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Well, let me be the EDIT: second /EDIT to welcome you with a few words of advice.

1. Have fun.

2. Ignore Idiots. They'll ruin your fun when you could be spending your time with people who are worthy of it.

3. Look around. Info is everywhere... If you make an effort, you will learn much more in the long run then by just asking them and expecting a quick answer. All Class forums should have FAQ's... if not, There's a scroll down menu at the top of the forum with all of them.

On that same note, if you can't find the info... Ask. Many people will be willing to help especially if it's something that's not easily accessible for someone new to the game. If they flame you, Refer to #2.

4. Don't be afraid to experiment.

5. Don't be afraid of voicing an opinion. Even an old vet can be inspired by a a small undeveloped idea by someone new to the game.

6. When you progress, Help whenever you can. I stand by the fact that the more you help others, the more you help yourself. By sharing your knowledge, you'll actually come to learn more in the end.

7. Familiarise yourself with the various D2forums and rules so you can be certain you don't anger the mods or other members by doing something uncouth.

8. Respect the powers that be... They devote their time and funds to this site and it's all for the love of the game. This means everyone from the admins, the mods, and all the posters who make their best effort to help.

9. Umm, did I mention have fun?? Ok, enough lecture/suggestions...

Now we'll get down to the nitty gritty of the site... Those "godly" people, or so you say are spattered throughout the forum and all have their expertise.

We'll start with the Char Class forums from the top to Bottom.

Amazon = Kirsty. She's on a leave of absence at the moment (Anyone who knows of Kirsty should head over to the Zon forum and look for a thread... you'll know which one) but she's the most amazing source of Amazon info you'll find this side of Sanctuary. She's also a great poster, answering Vet and Newcomers alike and will always offer a kind word.
Assassin = Lunatic and Naliworld. Both have devoted many hours to Sins and are jam packed with info and helpful suggestions.
Barbarian = Halciet.
Druid = Depends on the topic. Many druids are very reliable sources of info but none have really dominated all topics. It's a combined effort. Mepersoner, TheDragoon... I think I can safely name those two as the cream of the crop but be prepared for many quality suggestions.
Necromancer = BeatBoxer
Paladin = Like the Druid Forum. Main figure is Ragnarod... If answered by him, consider yourself privileged.
Sorceress = No dominant figure. Think of it as Pot luck with everyone bringing something to the table.

Statistics = RTB. Feel special if you have him respond.
Newcomer = SinfulSlave. Always one to lend a quality answer.

General = (responses around the forum) Shade.

Of course, anyone who has managed to earn their green name didn't do it on their good looks. (Either Trust me or go see some of the Faces pages. :shudders: )
Since niether of them said it, welcome to the forums and the game, enjoy your stay. And if you want to, check around the strategy guides and build your char around that. A good start to a new person is a sorc, so start from their if you want. :thumbsup:


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Why would I hate newbies? I was a newbie once. Heck, I envy you -- everything in this game must seem so fresh and mysterious to you, I miss that.

MTN889 said:
...So, who are the godly people here whom i should bow down and worship?
Ash_Housewares. :worship:

You could always worship me, I'd be flattered. However, Ash steals much of my deific powers for his strange experiments, so consider me a proxy.

Oh, and welcome to the forums. :howdy: