Hi / patch idea (TPPK) / MS


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Hi / patch idea (TPPK) / MS


I'm fairly new to Diablo 2 (I bought it in 2000, but was too busy to play it till now :) ), but I've been lurking on these great forums since then. A vast amount of my Diablo 2 knowledge has come from here, so thanks to you all.

I play in EU SC as Beepy and EU HC as Ponied (= owned). So there is some actual content to my post....

1. A TPPK protection idea:

A simple way to help prevent 'hacked' TPPK's (IMO PK'rs that declare hostile and go hunt their target are ok as you have time to be a coward) might be similar to an existing feature. How about adding an additional 10 second delay that means you have to wait in town for ten seconds BEFORE you can declare hostile? Might annoy legitimate duelers a bit, but should put a stop to TPPKs?

2. MS question:

I am re-building a melee sorc in HC (just RIP'd last night :( ), and was considering mana shield. Seeing as I will be up all close and personal with the evil creatures I was thinking mana burn will be a worse prob than with regular sorceresses and also seeing as (AFAIK) resistences are not applied to MS what do ppl advise about this idea? My last build put no points into energy (ench + some utility skills means I dont really need it). Should I just forget about that and pump vitality?

Hope this is the right place to post.

Edit: btw I play classic if that makes any difference


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I'm all for the hostile player automatically dying if they leave town while hostiled.


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To number 1: best would be both player need to pull down hostile button before being able to duel.

2.: imo meele sorcs are for soft core.
If you want to go with that sorc, Energy-Shield (not mana shield) is very nice even if its not maxed. For HC I recommend to spend most of your stat points in life anyway. For a pure meele energy build mana burn is lethal. Spend a few points in energy, but try to have most mana from items.

Resistance works only on the dmg which has passed ES already.

Start with a single point in ES with +skills that could be enough, don't forget telekinesis.

For HC dmg output is not all, also spend a point in a cold armor, in your case maybe best is shiver armor (the second one).

I didn't played classic for more than 5 years. So take my knowledge only as a base line. The difference are the items available. So you probably need to spend little more in energy


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1. I kind of like the idea of 'honorable' PKrs that actually hunt their prey and that the prey has time to exit / go to town if they want, but esp. for HC your idea would fix the problem. Softcore who cares if you get PK'd :D

2. You're probably right that it is a stupid idea, but then I am pretty stupid. My previous (non-energy shield) build would have looked like this if I hadn't just snuffed it (nightmare act 4 btw):


1 Ice Bolt
1 Frozen Armour
8 Frost Nova
1 Ice Blast
10 Shiver Armour


10 Static Field
1 Telekinesis
1 Teleport


1 Fire Bolt
20 Warmth
1 Fire Ball
20 Enchant
20 Fire Mastery

Leaving 15 points that I did have a plan for but I forgot it. Maybe pumping teleport to make it cheaper as I put no points into energy. There doesn't seem much point in having a ranged attack spell as I don't have the mana for it or the points to synergise it. Except maybe a utility spell such as glacial spike to freeze some monsters (bloomin flayer shamen...).

The frost nova was just for the cold effect, not for damage, I would spam it as I entered combat against a group. Level 8 would be to give 16 seconds down to 4 seconds in hell difficulty (to my understanding).

I was just starting out rebuilding my character when an experienced sorceress recommended Energy Shield to me (thanks for the correction, I wasted a fair bit of time searching on 'mana shield' :/ ). As my warmth is so high anyway, and with the sorceress punishment on vitality/life stats I thought it might work ok. The problem (other than mana burn) I fear would be the resistences - there was a HUGE difference to my survivabilty when I sorted my resistences out, which leaves me wondering how viable mana shield would be. As I dont use up much mana during a fight my globe would be mostly full, I really can't decide what to do :(

I need to figure it out fairly early on so I know how to progress.

Thanks for the advice.

Edit: eep, just saw the post got moved, maybe I should have made two threads? Sorry if this has caused a prob.


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Not sure about the first idea of both players having to accept hostility. AFAIK, PKers are part of Hardcore to make a more challenging gameplay. If you don't want PKers, play in private games.

However I agree with the idea of having to wait a short period of time (maybe, 3-5 seconds?) in town before declaring hostility. :thumbsup: