Hi, I'm old here

Raft Boy

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Hi, I'm old here

Hello, I'm Raft Boy (better known as Rafty). You might remember me from such threads as Lover, scapegoat, Link Fu master, POING: the Unauthorized Biography of Durf and I own a house and I don't snore at night: Just two of the many reasons why Isolde would love me. Today I'm here to tell you about the return of an old member. Course, I don't mean "old" as in "old" *glances at Freet* or "been here practically around the same time as Elly" *glances at Dutch*. I'm talking more like a member that's been around off and on for a year before the Wallytar invasion brought him out of the shadows for good.

Anyway, I wanted to stop by to let people know what's been going on with me and to see how things are going around here (even though I've been lurking during work for the past two months or so :shhh: ).

The big news is that I recently bought a house, so if there's going to be a OTF gathering in Minnesota after next year, you are all welcome to come over and trash my place. ;) Just make sure you leave me a beer or three.

Other than that, there are a couple of personal issues that I'm seeing a therapist for and I've been talking with people around me for help too, so hopefully I'm on the right path again. By the way, for those of you who remember her, I've also been talking to Satrina off and on in the past year or so. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me giving *huggles* to everyone and some special *buttkickers* to Lunar as well. ;)

So that's about it on my end. What's been going on around here? On maybe I should start reading some of the old threads before asking that question. Might save everyone the trouble of just telling me. ;)

*wanders off to do some digging*


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Hi, I'm young here

Hello, I'm [exile]. You probably don't know me, as I've only recently begun posting around here (and sporadically, at that).

But hello nonetheless, and I hope your personal issues get resolved soon.


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Oh yeah, Rafty, i remember you!

Well, actually, i remember your avatar... but hey, welcome back!


Hello, my name if Freemason and I'm an OTFaholic.

Say Hi to Satrina for us and get to to post here again. I miss the kitties
Well a lot has happened since I last remember you Rafty. DOC became and mod and then left and is now back serving wonderfully. R++ is now a mod over on the WoW forum as well as DrunkCajun. Anyee got banned(not sure if you were here for that or not). Freet has gone even deeper into insanity and is trying to turn the forum into Gilligan's Isle. Durf poinged a few boobies when he had a little too much to drink. Ash broke 19k.

Other than that I think you know how things usually go around here.


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I remember you raft boy

I just recently made a return to the forums as well, I didn't bother announcing it though cause I'm not real sure how long it'll last


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Who's that?

Welcome home.

EDIT: I am releaved that you are here in time for football season. How do you think will get Ty Law? I'm hoping Steelers, but with limited cap room, I'm not too sure.


*gives Rafty a welcome back lapdance*

Good to see you around again unlike Shinook. Damned if I'll be giving that boy lapdances after ignoring me for so long.


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hi my names durf i like beer and poing and beer and i play games on the computer and beer

Welcome back. Sorry to hear that you've had problems, and glad to hear you're working on taking care of them. :)


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I don't even remember rafty or stickles leaving. I should pay more attention. Anyways, as I say to all returning posters: go away.

EDIT: Wait, by go away I do mean **** off.

EDIT2: No, sorry I meant welcome back. Sometimes my english isn't so good.


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Where do I start?

First of all, I hope you're going to do the NFL picks again, I have a title to defend. Secondly, there better be Miller products at this house party of yours because I know I'm going to be there.

Also, when it gets closer to the time let me know where you're going to be here in MilTown.