Hi! I need some help please.

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Hi! I need some help please.


Ok here's the deal, I have a series of big tests coming up in a couple of weeks, plus I have to memorize a large part of a play for school... well this led me to explore new ways of studying due to the fact that I have some troubles with memorizing alot of stuff, so I came up with this idea.

I want to record myself, to the computer of course (via my mic), then convert the file to .MP3, and then burn loads of "classes" or otherwise the data I have to memorize (this includes history, literature, etc' etc'.), then just listen to it with my .MP3 player (mp3 cd player, not those small 4Gigab ones), and maybe perhaps go to sleep with it (some people have told me it works.. dunno).

Well anyways all of the recording software I seem to run across is Microsoft Windows' Sound Recorder. My problem is that the maximum length of a file I can record unto is about 1:05 minutes (why is that btw?), and therefore if I'll use seperate multiple recordings (each more or a less a minute in length) it will come to a total of 700+ files... my mp3 player can read about 200.. maybe 250.

I need a program that can allow me to record myself for as much time as I please. Would be especially great if it had some editing effects and other stuff like that. Has to be free btw :xdrunk:

So if you know any program like that, with which I will be able to record long sessions of studying material, I'll be more than happy if you could direct me to some site, or a name of a program, or send me via ICQ / Email / MSN Messenger if the file's not too large.

This is very very important to me.
You guys are the best, thanks! :xparty:


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soundforge is great.. but it isn't free. I suppose you could go out and buy a new soundblaster card, and they usually come with adequate software. Would run you about 60-100 bucks tho


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I ... don't quite understand. If you need to make recordings for memorization, why don't you just buy yourself a tape-recorder and a handful of 90m blank cassettes? I used to record classes in college with one all the time.


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and maybe perhaps go to sleep with it (some people have told me it works.. dunno).
I believe studies have shown that this doesn't work. Basically, if it doesn't get into your conscious mind, it's not getting into your short-term memory, which means it's not getting into your long-term memory.

That also holds true for subliminal messages like "backwards messages" in music.

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Underseer said:
I believe studies have shown that this doesn't work. Basically, if it doesn't get into your conscious mind, it's not getting into your short-term memory, which means it's not getting into your long-term memory.

That also holds true for subliminal messages like "backwards messages" in music.

Might be, but still nonetheless it is worth a try, don't you think?


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I disagree.. i remember i used to listen to CD's as I slept. I had this cd where i only listened to a few songs on it, never really listened to the rest. I played this CD in my sleep for awhile, and i started to realize that i had like the whole cd memorized.. even the songs i hardly ever.. if ever listened to. Only way i could have memorized them was by hearing them in my sleep. Just a personal experience of mine.
Well not anything to do with recording but this is a useful way to study.

1. Study in different rooms for different subjects.
You can also take colored construction paper and place
it under books/whatever your working on. Change the
colors for every subject but always use the same color
for the subject. I.E. Use green for math , red for
Social studies etc. Just make sure that you always
keep it consistant. Same with the rooms. Do math in
the kitchen, social studies in the living room.

2. Listen to soft music in the background. The music
should have NO words and should be played softly. Do
the same thing as with the rooms/colors use a
different genres of music for each subject. The music
also shouldn't be repetitive(if you can manage to find
them) They can repeat just not noticably like in Hall
of the Mountain King.

3. Two words "flash cards" . For math formulue and for
dates/any other subject that has small facts to
remember. If you want to ask a question on one side
and the answer on the other. Remember to do the cards
first with the question side then go through with the
answers facing you and try and guess the
question.(this only works if none of the answers
repeat.) For learning new languages putting the word
on one side and the definition on the other works
extremly well.

4. You must see something 4 times to remember it. Now
this isn't true for everybody(for me its 2) but it is
a good average. This applies to odd facts and things
that aren't needed to live or get along. Like I DON'T
NEED to know when Columbus came to America but I do
NEED to know other things that help sustain life. So
always reread or go through notes more than once.

5. Outlines, learn how to make a decent outline. If
you can make a quick outline of things you go over in
class as your going over them you can mark what you
need to study. Also you will have a nice study guide
if you learn to make a good one.

6. I assume you have to buy your books for this
one(you don't have to own them but some people might
get onto you if you don't). Make small notes in your
book. On a paragraph that has lots of info on a
certain person, mark it (with a symbol or you can
circle it) and put why you did(don't abbreviate the
"why" make it thorough). This helps for
literature(like a class where you read novels) you can
mark when a charactor comes in since that paragraph
tends to say a lot about them. It can also help with
biology when a new topic comes up or an important fact
that only comes up a few times.

7. Take a break every hour or so. Not something very
long but get up walk around strech a little and get
something to eat. Stay away from caffine*cough*
coffee*cough*. Drink some cranberry juice and have a
small sandwhich(peanut butter or some kind of meat are
best). Don't stuff yourself but have a little
something in your stomach at all times. This should
take 5-10 minutes. It is important to keep your blood
flowing so walking and streching are very important.

8. Take notes while studying. When you are going over
things write down dates and questions(but not the
answer, write down the page number with the answer
instead) These will come in handy for the next step.
This can also be done in the form of note cards.

9. Get lots of rest after studying. Your brain must
process all the new information during sleep. Get at
least 6 hours. This way when you wake up everything
you remember you will remember at least for the next
few days. Always go over note cards or something when
you get up to see what you remember

Take it slow at first don't start doing all of these
at once. Slowly move one in at a time. Add a new one
every week or so. These may not help but they really
did help me and now I am going to one of the hardest
schools in my state. Also GET AWAY FROM THE
INTERNET!!!! Sure it doesn't seem that bad but you can
really get sucked into it, especially these
forums...... You might want to unplug your computer
and undo some cables, same thing with the phone. You
really don't want to have contact with others while
studying or even the ability to, we are too social a
creature to not talk when we can.


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Heh nice advice koz I should write this stuff down ;)

My way of studying works too, sometimes studying (especially last minute) confuses you, so I just don't study at all (if its multiple choice :D, otherwise I'm screwed). I did this on my history midterm and I aced it.